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Birthday greetings!

Whew! I never realized it would take me so long to adjust to working outside of the home. Then again, the last time I worked full-time was in May 2005, right before my daughter was born. Thanks for hanging in there with me, re-reading my old posts, and checking out the comments.

This week is also a special week for me. It’s my birthday this week! I won’t say my exact age, but suffice it to say that the picture of me you’ve been staring at is about 7-10 years old.

I’m going to be getting back into the writing business. My day job doesn’t allow any time for writing at work, but I’m beginning to carve out time at home. My daughter is as busy as ever, but she’s also getting into playing by herself.

For you other freelance writers who have regular day jobs too, any words of wisdom for making it all work?

One thing about my day job that is great: the steady income makes me feel more secure, so I’ll be able to work on my business soon without all the worries and pressure I had before. My advice for starting freelancers is to keep or get a day job while you grow your business.

Does anyone know how to make WordPress recognize multiple paragraph markings? I don’t feel I have enough spacing between paragraphs, and it’s driving me batty.

Until next time…

The business of blogging

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about keeping the blogging romance alive.

I’m going to continue Crayon Writer for both fun and potential profit, but I won’t obsess over it anymore.

Crayon Writer is my first blogging baby, so I’ll make sure to keep writing however I see fit, without worrying about page rank, Technorati rank, or anything else. I won’t forget those things exist, but trying to monetize this blog became a full-time job…and I certainly don’t want to have three full-time jobs!

What else is on the horizon for me?

I’m accepting at least one blogging job. I’ll be writing for a company that hosts several blogs, and I’ll actually be paid for my posts (and I’ll receive part of the advertising revenue). I’ve seen several companies that offer income to authors solely from advertising money. So I appreciate having found one that pays per article.

When it goes live, I’ll definitely announce it and post links to my articles there. I’ll be writing about the care of certain pets, and possibly the city where I live.

Have any of you taken on blogging jobs? How is it working for you?

No one said it’d be easy

You’ve no doubt heard it before. Being a mother is a full-time job.

I really got that message loud and clear when I was a staying home with my daughter. But I was only working part-time at home. Hard enough.

Now I’m working oustside of the home too. That gives me a break of sorts, in that I’m not mothering all day. But after dealing with people all day (I’m working as a customer service representative), I find it exhausting to then come home and be a full-time mother also.

Not that I wasn’t exhausted before, mind you.

I don’t know how people do it! Let’s see how long it’ll take me to acclimate to my new lifestyle.

Keeping the blogging romance alive

I’m beginning to understand why it’s recommended that you blog for fun, rather than for profit or even for marketing.

Blogging for fun is natural. You write freely. You write often. You write because it feels…well…right.

I began this blog to write about my daily life as a work-at-home mother and entrepreneur, intending for it to be a minor marketing tool for my copywriting business. It’s a great way for potential clients to get a feel for my writing abilities. And it’s a good way to keep my website front and center.

But then I learned about professional blogging.

While making money from blogging is a great idea, and while it’s certainly a nice goal, I’m finding that it distracts me immensely from writing.

I start thinking too hard about what to write. I spend hours constructing wonderful articles.

But it’s not fun anymore. As a result, I’ve been writing less often (though that’s also due to my new job).

So how will I keep the blogging romance alive?

I’m going to go back to writing for the fun of it.

Even better, when I write a post, I’m going to post it when I’m done! (Rather than re-reading it and perfecting it for days.)

I’m also going to write shorter pillar articles. For instance, I want to keep writing the comma series, but writing those lengthy articles takes quite a while. I’ll be breaking up future lessons into shorter chunks.

So what can you expect from Crayon Writer in the near future? More short articles, work-life anecdotes, and suggested sites.

What about you other bloggers? Do you still find blogging fun, or has it become a chore? How do you keep the blogging romance alive?

Am I still a WAHM?

Now that I’m back to work, am I still a work-at-home mom?

Yes. Though now it’s not full-time. I’m still running Theda K. Communications, so feel free to hire me if you have any copywriting needs.

I’m excited about my new life as a WAHM and a traditional working mom. And scared.

My daughter will almost definitely be going to daycare now, and I’ll be doing the whole routine. I’ll be packing her up, taking her to daycare, hugging her goodbye, going to work, picking her up, and then spending the evening loving her.

I wonder if it’ll make me a little more organized. As one of my readers commented earlier, when you’re at home you find all kinds of things to do besides work. And the TV is a huge time-waster. I’ve already found myself doing more housework than normal, and I’m making a little better use of my time.

Time will tell.

For you other part-time work-at-home parents, how do you juggle your full-time gig with your part-time home work, and your family?

Day Job

Well, I finally did it.

I decided to get a “day job.” As I previously wrote, I was finding that my business and blog weren’t growing as quickly as I needed. And working with my almost 2 year old at home made it even more difficult. Being a single parent, I am the sole income source. Things can get kind of scary when that income is unpredictable.

So I finally got a day job. The great thing about it is that it’s flexible. The next two weeks is training, but I can work a different schedule each week or two. I won’t be able to work on my blogs while I’m at work, but that’s a minor inconvenience for the perk of making a steady income.

For now, I chose a job that will allow me to slowly re-enter the workforce. Being at home with my daughter for almost two years will make working a regular job sort of like culture shock.

But maybe it’s like riding a bike. We’ll see.

Honestly, though, I’m enjoying my time apart from my bossy toddler. I love her to pieces, but I desperately need to be a single person again, rather than a perpetual twosome. And I can tell by the way she cheerfully, almost bossily, tells me, “BYE Mommy!” that she’s happy to separate from me also.

I’ll try to keep up with my blog writing, but expect more sporadic posts for a while. If you haven’t already subscribed, now would be the time. It won’t be much fun checking my site regularly, only to find no new articles. Subscribing will be worth it.

Now that I’ve learned about future posting, I’ll start writing away on the weekends and in the evenings.

Have any of you work-at-home parents gone back to the regular workforce? What was it like? Were you still able to keep up with your at-home job?

Wish me luck!