New Beginnings

Oh my goodness, it’s been eons since I’ve written on this blog. A little over four years! It’s nice to see that has been patiently waiting for me to resume. And there’s so much life that’s happened in the interim.

First thing I need to do is change up the style of the page. After I get that back end stuff situated, I’ll be back to posting more regularly.

The biggest life updates: My daughter is now a regular school kid. Homeschooling didn’t fit our needs anymore, and she’s loving school. She’s finishing up her 6th grade year right now.

I still own my copywriting and editing business, but I haven’t done much freelance work over the past several years. I’ve been doing onsite, full-time jobs as a contractor through an agency. And in-between contracts I’ve been learning Android development and increasing my general Web development skills.

While I’m still pursuing copywriting/copyediting/proofreading, I’m also opening up my prospects to Android development. I like to stay versatile and relevant. And I love to learn.

I’ve also taken up German as a hobby-learning-endeavor. It’s pretty cool! Das ist gut!

Come back again soon. More changes to come!

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