Saving money – online and off

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As a mother, I try to find any and every opportunity to make money and save money. Making money is pretty straightforward (though not necessarily easy, I admit). You have to either find someone to employ you, find someone to buy stuff from you, or invest your money so it can work for you.

But saving money is another way to “make” money, and couponing something a lot of my friends are doing. It’s not something I’m great at (yet), but I do try. You may have heard of “extreme couponing,” where people buy groceries worth hundreds of dollars and wind up paying a fraction of the cost. Some people even wind up getting money back when they go to the store. Extreme couponing usually means clipping coupons, stacking coupons, and buying items in bulk. Personally, I’m not the most organized person in the world, so adding lots of paper to my life isn’t the best idea.

What I am good at is using online coupons. Being a freelancer, I spend a lot of time online, so that’s also where I tend to do my shopping. Also, unlike the stereotype, I abhor going shopping in malls and such. Online coupons are usually in the form of coupon codes. So there’s no clipping involved. You just take note of the code, found on various coupon code websites. When you make your online payment, there is usually a spot for you to type in the code. It’s super easy. I use coupon codes for things like webhosting, clothing, toys, and more.

The thing about coupon codes is you have to find reputable sites, and you have to keep checking. Codes expire all the time, but there are also always new ones. Before you shop at any online store or buy any product or service online, check to see if you can find a code for that company.

Coupons are an excellent way to save money, both online and off. If you’re not using coupon codes online, you’re pretty much throwing money away.

24 Responses to “Saving money – online and off”

  1. great tips with everything out on the web these days it can be hard to know what is reputable and what is not.

  2. Thanks for the good advice about online coupon codes, and yes, sure beats shopping in crowded stores most of the time, not to mention annoying salesfolk.

  3. My wife has become the coupon QUEEN! We have saved a bunch of money. When I tell people about it, they think it is just a waste of time. They can keep thinking that and we’ll keep on saving. Great article.

  4. MLM says:

    My wife is a huge coupon user, but she uses groupon. This site allows her to find out the best deals locally, PLUS when to couple them with coupons.

    I do agree with the fact that couponing, and a little effort can save you a huge amount of money….its kind of like getting a small raise at work!

  5. I’ve looked sometimes for coupons, say if I’d like to make a large dollar purchase (mountain bike etc) but found it’s often difficult to find coupons or discount codes for specific products/items here in Australia. Maybe I need to create a coupon site just for Australians. 🙂 Martin

  6. Lisa Floss says:

    Coupons are just what I love when it comes to shopping online! I’ve saved a few hundred dollars using coupon codes.

  7. Any and all savings are much appreciated, including from online coupon codes, and thankfully, it’s not really all that difficult to do.

  8. Sonia Bourke says:

    I’ve been shopping online for years but only started using coupon codes recently, now I use them all the time and save a fortune as a result. Great article 🙂

  9. Aformes says:

    I live in Greece and for the last 2 years i only buy things from the internet and especially amazon and ebay. Prices are way too low there compared to the stores in Greece and it’s a great way to save money

  10. I never shop online without checking It kills me when I see people making an online purchase without first at least using Google to find application coupon codes.

  11. I just recently started using some of the online couponing sites. I love them. I think that it is great for both the business and the consumer. Using the coupon introduces the consumer to a product they may not have otherwise tried and gives the business potential for repeat business.

  12. Gary says:

    I’ve found Vouchercloud is a really useful app for the IPhone and Android phones. It checks resturants in you immediate locality and sends the relevant offers and voucher codes direct to your phone.

  13. dougy says:

    Online shopping can be fun, but nothing is better than going out, visting the stores and look at the products of your interests. And there are chances to catch a bargain too.

  14. Louise says:

    The problem with coupon code sites is that many of them have expired, do not work or simply don’t exist. Time = money and by the time you have trawled the coupon sites you could have bought 10 of the items. Just sayin

  15. As for me, I’m not really into couponing but online voucher shopping like Groupon. I still get to save a lot of money. I’ll probably try that..

  16. Atlante says:

    I love coupons, but can never get my self to keep them! It seems all the junk coupons I throw away, are always for stuff I really don’t need/want:(

  17. I agree with the above post that a lot of the coupon sites do not work, and I always find it difficult finding one that does work. I am always trying to find discounts, so I am going to spend more time in looking for coupons.

  18. I recently just got into coupons and also work for a coupon code site. I’ve never shopped online without trying to find a coupon first, it’s just too easy. Here’s a tip for those of you that come across expired coupons. Kust changed your google results. Click on “Show Search Tools” and then click on past month to get the most recent coupons.

  19. Great article! I absolutely love using online coupons and discount codes when shopping online. My favorite has to be online promo or discount codes. A simple Google search will often bring up a site with some possible codes to use which, more often than not, results in big discounts!

  20. Ed says:

    It’s good to get coupons online, which you can download and print when you’re going out. I do this sometimes for bars and restaurants and you can have a nice evening out without breaking the bank.

  21. Justin says:

    I have found that the best way that I save cash is by leaving my plastic at home when I go to work. I was spending around $300 a month on coffees and lunches and other things like that. I am putting the $300 into a savings account and just watching it and the smile on my face grow.

  22. Ben says:

    Great tips, it’s so important to save all the money you can these days, there is no point in spending top dollar for everything when all these sites exist.

  23. http:// www.
    This is not spam) I just saw many useful sites there.

  24. Great tips, When you shop online you can have many options for the item you are searching for, I mean there are many brands available online, just choose the one which suits your expectations and top of the above online shops are providing great discounts.

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