Circle Here – Google+ is a cool new addition

Young children have lots of worksheets that begin with, “Circle the ____.” So now we grown ups get our own version. Google+, also known as Googleplus. We get to find people, friends, colleagues, classmates, or just people we find fascinating, and add them to “circles.” How fun is that? And if you’re a nerdy type, you can visualize the Venn Diagrams as you add some people to more than one circle.

I was late to Facebook and Twitter, and dismally late to LinkedIn, so I decided I wouldn’t be left behind with this one. And so far, so good. Google+ reminds me of Twitter and Facebook rolled into one, with a hint of LinkedIn for good measure. It’s still in its testing phase, though. So if you’re not in yet, ask your friends for an invite.

What else am I liking about Google+? I like that the Stream (similar to the Newsfeed in Facebook) is easy to, well, streamline. You can look at everyone’s thoughts, or just one of your circles’ thoughts. You can post your own thoughts, but you have the option to turn off comments.

The +1 feature is also cool. It’s like a “like” on Facebook, only farther reaching. For instance, you can +1 this blog post, or +1 a website you find during a routine Google search. I’m not sure how this feature will start to affect pagerank, but it’ll be fun to see what it does. It’s also similar to Digg and others, but with the Google search engine behind it, I suspect it’ll be even more powerful. So +1 this and anything you like throughout the web if you’re on Google+.

I’ll be sure to post more about my Google+ experience. For now, I plan to use it as a business and networking tool. Most of my friends aren’t on it yet, so business is all that’s left. After that, if it does as well as I think it should, I’m sure I’ll use it more like I use Facebook.

And while I’m on the subject, circle me! The link to my Google+ profile is right below my picture in the sidebar.

Have you joined Google+? What do you think of it, or what are you waiting for?

71 Responses to “Circle Here – Google+ is a cool new addition”

  1. I don’t think it’s gonna replace Facebook !

  2. laptop says:

    I’m already g+ user and using it, there are some interesteing features.

  3. I’ll be sure to post more about my Google+ experience. For now, I plan to use it as a business and networking tool. Most of my friends aren’t on it yet, so business is all that’s left. After that, if it does as well as I think it should, I’m sure I’ll use it more like I use Facebook.

  4. Thanks for the post. Now I understand that I should find time and register in Google+

  5. Gold eagles says:

    In terms of ease of use, relevancy, and overall “like”, my rank order is Twitter, Google, and then facebook last.

  6. I think facebook is better.Google + don’t have a good mobile version and so many falts behind .So facebook is better.

  7. Jaysee Blabs says:

    So far so good though I’m not really sure with the privacy controls yet. It should be good for online marketing only and not for a private social network.

  8. Google can not replace facebook because facebook is faster than google +

  9. I think Google plus has less features when compare from Facebook. it has user friendly tools and has easiest way to use them.

  10. Ambit Energy says:

    I have been using G+ for a while now and I have started to like the Circles for controlling your stream.. Really functional.

  11. To be honest, i really don’t see why Google even needs to have these features. I mean you are the best search engine in the world and so many companies mold their business according to your rules so why do you want to step into a whole new domain and challenge something as big as Facebook? No Google, you can’t!

  12. Noah says:

    Google+ is much better in every aspect. It makes Facebook look arrogant and awkward. Google shows how you can do it right. It produces great services and products because it has some of the best software developers of the world. And most of all, it shows that you can make money without being evil. Good work Google!

  13. It is going to be interesting to see which company manages to capture the market in the next few years. Will Google+ be able to challenge or replace Facebook or will it be an additional resource.

  14. Mozie says:

    I recently joined google+, seems quite good, they have upgraded quite a bit and might just be the competition facebook needs. Yeah I agree with noah, its pretty good alround and there is money to be made.

  15. the arrival of google+ was welcomed as an innovative social network. competition is well received by users in addition to the important money we gain in business, thank you google you are always managing to capture the new market.

  16. Emilia says:

    I was a MySpace user first, then I switched to Facebook, and then I hopped on the Twitter bandwagon. When Google+ first launched, I hopped right on it. I mean, it’s Google! I still love it. It is an excellent tool and the features are very, very useful, especially for bloggers like myself. Since the Facebook IPO announcement, I’m assuming that they’re going to head downhill. Google+ will be the next big thing. Mark my words!

  17. I think google Plus is good and secure but it is slow as compare to Facebook.

  18. petra jordan says:

    I don’t think it’s gonna replace Facebook !

  19. I am an active social network member . From LinkedIn , friendster, facebook , twitter and even this g+ . Well, I have nothing against g+ but i prefer facebook . Though They had lots of similarities, I cant find anything unusual with g+. Maybe i should use it often .

  20. San Begonia says:

    It took a while to get used to the fact that here is another social media site to add to the collection. But FB never really sat well with me in terms of business use. I think Google will end up being the grown up version of what FB wants to be.

  21. Google Plus seems safe and seems to keep our privacy quite a whole lot better than Facebook, I Deactivated Facebook because of Privacy problems, So i think Google Plus would be something I’d actually use.

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