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Main Street Vs. Wall Street

As a writer and blogger, I’ve come to realize over the years that my passion is working with other small businesses. I enjoy helping them market their companies online, especially via blogging.

Blogging, to me, is as natural as speaking. And when small businesses speak to their potential and current customers, they build brand loyalty and increase sales.

Even if a business hasn’t made sales online in the past, marketing online makes a difference, even in the “face-to-face” world. Many customers research companies online before deciding to step into their store. I know I do.

Small businesses may not have huge marketing teams (obviously…they’re small businesses), but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to miss out on the online sales opportunities. If you have a small business, start a business blog. You’ll be amazed at the benefits it brings.

54 Responses to “Starting a business blog”

  1. Let’s be frank it’s tough and one has to do all the social media work as well as blogging but the end results are worth it

  2. I noticed that I got a lot more people coming to my local small business website when I started blogging. The best part was they were generally using long tail searches to get there. It really is worth the effort for me – even though I seem to be writing less and less frequently.

  3. Blogging is very popular these days. Others blog to earn income and some bloggers just blog to practice their writing skills at the same time spending their time in a useful way.

  4. A business blog is a great way to expose yourself and you business. You can represent your business in front of millions of people who are using internet. And if anyone asking me to start their business blog than my answer is YES. You should start your business blog now to make your business more visible. It also provides opportunity to promote your new product all over the world.

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