Jobs for Single Mothers – A Look Back

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Being a parent is hard work. Single parenting is harder in some ways, and is arguably one of the most difficult forms of parenting there is – for a number of reasons.

One major issue is childcare and its associated cost. For children attending daycare, the costs can be enormous, especially when the parent makes a low income. According to the department of labor, women generally earn less than men, so income matters.

While staying at home is often a wiser financial decision (saving money on childcare), it’s difficult to find jobs for single mothers that pay the necessary bills.

Another problem for single mothers is the much-needed time off from work during the end of pregnancy or immediately postpartum. Though it’s illegal for an employer to fire a woman for taking maternity leave, it can happen, especially at smaller companies or for women who don’t know their rights.

And what about breastfeeding? Mothers get so many strong messages that “breast is best,” but maternity leave is usually only about 12 weeks…nowhere near the 1 year of breastfeeding recommending by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and a far cry from the 2-year recommendation of the World Health Organization.

The Internet, for now, provides a way for single mothers to remain at home and have a more flexible lifestyle while raising children. Though I haven’t worked hard enough to make a living online, it is possible (according to the many “friends” I’ve met online…not all of whom were trying to sell me something).

People can work at home as virtual assistants, freelance writers/editors, bloggers, Internet marketers, call center representatives, medical billing workers, transcriptionists, and more. It’s all a matter of finding something you’re interested in, and having a financial cushion to help while establishing your business.

Here on Crayon Writer, I’ve sort of been spinning my wheels. I tend to try too many tactics at one time. I’m a wannabe blogger, freelance business writer, freelance magazine writer, and internet marketer. Some of that is simply my personality (I enjoy multitasking), but it’s also a sign of failing to make a decision.

If you work from home, whether as a parent (single or not), or not, did you make a decision to focus on one income stream? If you diversify, how do you give it your all with the various methods you choose?

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  1. I’ve been working at home for the last two years, ever since the recession started up and I wouldn’t go back. Granted its’ a bit tight, but the lack of commuting stress, crammed into a lousy coubicle et al is worth the tradeoff.

  2. Mia says:

    Some say that it’s best to focus on one thing and to become an expert in a particular field, I say that it’s best to learn as much as you can, and to specialize in a domain.

  3. villas italy says:

    finding your expertise in a particular niche is the only way to go. thanks for sharing

  4. Scarlet says:

    I try a few different things like you and I put the most time into the most successful ventures!
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  5. Tracey says:

    I only work part time from home on my creative writing website. I still work full time at my day job to pay the bills.

    Bit by bit I chip away at the goal to work from home so to congrats to everyone who’s managed to do it.
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  6. i say content writing is the good work at home job.i am enjoying the work and plus paying my bills too.
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  7. Telecommuter says:

    I think if you’re an online worker, it’s better to have multiple (or at least more than one) income streams (if possible)…especially when you’re working as a freelancer.
    Telecommuter´s last blog post ..Community Health Educator

  8. My husband and I waited 6 years before we had our first and so far only little one. Two incomes was and still is a must for us. When we decided to have a baby there was a lot of planning that took place. I think weather you are single or not being a working mother out of the office can be done. I wouldn’t say its easy even for me with my husband helping. Before I got pregnant we took out short term insurance to cover the 2 months that I would be off work unpaid. When I went back to work I had my mother watch our daughter full time. I even kept nursing after I went back to work. I was upfront with my boss from the start that being a mom was something I was planning and hoped that I could continue working. She was very understanding and helpful. I was even able to fit pumping in durring break times to allow my child to continue breastfeeding. Working in or away from the home can be done with some effort and planning.

  9. Koncerty says:

    Well I’ve tried home office couple of times, and I just cannot manage my team mates just through e-mails and phone.
    I just have to have the personal contact.

  10. I was a single mother of two toddlers for a while. It really is tough to balance income, cost, and having time to spend with the children. I was very lucky in that my family lived close by and helped out. I really have sympathy for those who don’t have that support system and are trying to balance it all.

  11. I really don’t envy those single moms out there trying to make a go of it. It is tough to find a balance between making a living and raising the children. You really have to hope for a good family and friend support network.

  12. Thanks for this. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I am returning to work as a single mom after spending the past 5 years at home with my kids. The prospect is frightening. I’ve realized that I am going to need to be creative to find a balance that works for us.

  13. For me, having jobs that are homebased is the greatest blessing. Having a child with special needs made it difficult for me to go out and pursue a better career. Good thing that I have skills to do this and take care of my child at the same time.

  14. Paul says:

    I have a friend who has made his home based job his career. He didn’t plan on it, but when the potential was exposed, he saw it and took advantage (recruitment). In terms of single parent females, I see this as a valid path.

  15. I do internet marketing from home and I sometimes miss getting out and into the office- then I have a reality check and say Wow this coffee is good and my pJs feel nice!

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