Sound the Alarm (or not)

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I haven’t used an alarm clock in many, many years.

Why not?

I hate them. They’re loud, obnoxious, and they wake me up! I know, I know. That’s the point of alarm clocks. But I find them an intrusive device, and I don’t use them anymore (except on very rare occasions).

You may be thinking, “The nerve of that woman! Alarm clocks are a necessary part of life. Just like wearing a watch.” Well, actually, I don’t wear a watch either, but that’s a story for another time (no pun intended).

My disdain for loud alarms may actually have its roots in high school. I went to a school that didn’t use bells. When it was time to change classes, we changed classes (when the teacher gave his or her okay, of course). We had to use our minds to stay on-time while stopping at our lockers or chatting with our friends.

Sometime during college, I started realizing that I often wake myself up before the alarm goes off. I must have started practicing this skill, and I tried my best to make sure I didn’t have to be anywhere super early. Also, I generally find that I won’t sleep past 8a.m. no matter what time I go to sleep at night.

Eventually I had my daughter, and that just solidified my habit. Babies wake up all the time, and my daughter especially can’t stand sleeping once the sun is up. Surprisingly, I can always go back to sleep when I want, but somehow I can still set my mental alarm for how long I plan to stay asleep.

Waking without an alarm doesn’t work so well when there is a schedule change, though. If I suddenly have to start getting up at 5 a.m., I will set the clock. But worrying about sleeping through the alarm generally wakes me up before it sounds.

Not having to rely on alarm clocks is refreshing. There’s something unsettling about being awoken from a sound sleep by a loud, scary noise. It makes waking up harsh and unkind. I highly suggest giving it a try, maybe starting with a weekend or during vacation.

What about you? Do alarm clocks play an important role in your daily life?

9 Responses to “Sound the Alarm (or not)”

  1. I am a little surprised that you don’t rely on your alarm clock. I am a person who can’t wake up until I hear the clock ring.And every night if I don’t set my clock, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep….
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  2. Jenny says:

    Wow! No alarm clock?! If I do not use it i wouldn’t be able to go to work or do anything else :)) I am not that kind of a person that is able to wake up just like that or that person that when the clock rings is up and ready to go:)) Even after the clock rings I have to put it on snooze and sleep another 10 minutes.

  3. singlish says:

    I have like 7 alarm clocks lol

  4. Mia says:

    I definitely hate alarm clocks, or any kind of alarm for waking up in the morning. They are too loud. For 3 years i have a routine in the morning: Pilates, shower, breakfast, so I’ve trained my body when to get up. 🙂

  5. Mary says:

    I agree. I can’t stand alarm clocks either. I use my cellphone. It’s not quite as annoying!

  6. CFD Trade says:

    I have read that alarm clocks really have side effects to people mentally. I sleep a full eight-hour that I do not need to use an alarm.

  7. Injen Intake says:

    I quite agree with you when you say its unsettling to be woken up by a lud scary alarm after a sound sleep… Thats quite right… Alarms sometimes are but necessary or else you get late for work – yes no those old loud ones, but the ones you get now – say in your mobile phone are quite handy 🙂 You not only can set your desired tone and sound level, but also your favorite song or melody to wake you up 🙂

  8. Resort says:

    I used my mobile alarm.

  9. I usually wake myself up by a certain time every morning and shut of the clock before it even goes off. My internal clock seems to run fairly regularly. However, I am not as brave as you, because I still use an alarm clock. I just want that back up plan, just in case.

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