Fitting it all in


Today I took my daughter to storytime at a local library, and we finally got her a library card of her own. Now I have to find the time and energy to fit in some more quality unschooling activities. Luckily, at her age all we really need to do is spend time together, and I can just introduce life to her as it happens.

She’s not “behind” academically either…she knows her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, some words, and some phonics, and some basic math. And with a biologist for a mother, she knows quite a bit about science and nature.

The rest of the day we’ll probably do some pretending, and I might even break out the Chutes and Ladders or Candyland. And if we ever get around to straightening up the house, she can help me fold clothes and vacuum.

As for me, when she’s finally in bed I’ll drag out my school book and start working on some assignments (due on Sunday).

What do you do for your unschooling preschool days?

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  1. Nathan says:

    I bet your daughter was very pleased to get her very own library card.

    Good luck with your assignments.

    I introduced my daughter to the library when she was 4 years old and she loves going and choosing any childrens book she wants.
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  2. CFD Trade says:

    The net is very convenient. I just introduced the solar system to my own kid.

  3. Alan Amsoil says:

    Unschooling preschool days are the best time to get some painting done. My little ones love creating their own works of art.

  4. I read a lot to my young son. This keeps him interested and curious on many things. But to keep things balanced and give him a firm handle on things, I would take him out and show him personally some of the things that’s taught and seen in the books.

  5. Robyn says:

    You may appreciate this article…I PARTICULARLY appreciate the 2nd to last paragraph…but…I have a feeling you might be pleased with the overall article. I’ll be interested in seeing if you respond.

    • Theda K. says:

      Hi Robyn, thanks for the link to the article. It was interesting, but I disagree with the feeling that kindergartners need to be in school all day, and I think their curriculum should be entirely play-based. That’s why I’m not enrolling my daughter in a traditional kindergarten (most likely). Most are too focused on academics, which is inappropriate for five-year-olds.

      • Hi, thanks for this post. Traditional methods of teaching preschoolers most of the time they get stuck in the academic-oriented system of learning. It lessens the chance for these young minds to develop and think creatively. There are cases wherein the child is perceived to be a slow learner, but in reality, the methods in school is just not appropriate for his/her learning style.
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      • Theda appreciated your comments but i personally feel that curriculum should be a fine blend of theoretical as well as practical mix.You can’t emphasize solely on theory and vice versa at this age.Theory develops a concept and practical reinforces that concept in children mind which ultimately results in shortening the learning curve.

  6. Nick says:

    How ol is your daughter?

  7. With the internet and free classes at the library my daughter has learned to lookup just about anything she want’s and can do it better and faster than her daddy now lol. btw. im proud she can. but not proud that i cant.
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  8. Esop says:

    I took my child in an activity center and get to interact with other kids, as day by day I notice that he is learning something from other kids but with my proper guidance as well. I would love to put a mini library in our house just for the kids. Because mainly these days are just in the internet.

  9. It’s great that you’re taking the time to do non-school things with your daughter. I remember when I got my first library card – it really did feel like a big step in life. Suddenly this whole new world of books was opened up to me…
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  10. Tracy says:

    My daughter loved getting her library card and it has opened up a world of reading that has followed her to college.

  11. Frankly I don’t a child on my own yet. But I remember when I was a kid, my mum and dad do bring me to the town’s library and get me borrow some books. There, they will leave me for about 2 hours while they went for groceries shopping and I get to know new friends as they have a game section there.

  12. Executive Suites New York says:

    I think that you are doing a good job, don’t worry.

  13. Bill says:

    Its great that you took your girl to the library to get her card. My parents definitely didn’t do that with any of my brothers and sisters. Even though the Internet is full of information the library is still a special place. Keep up the great work.

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  14. Matt says:

    The library is an amazing place to a young child, to see such a vast amount of books in one place seems to behold something magical for children. they are spnoges at that age and getting them into books sure beats the playstation generation that we are developing. Hopefully getting the library card will aid the fascination with books.
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  15. short sales says:

    I do alot of artwork with both my son and my daughter. I think it’s very important to show creativity. Other than that, we love to go to the zoo and sea aquarium to just get out of the house.

  16. Spend time with your daughter, Our kids grow fast,
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  17. Danette says:

    Getting a library card opens up such a wonderful resource. I remember when my children were younger they loved just sitting in the library and looking at books for hours. Being able to pick out a bunch of books and bring them home was always a treat. Have fun!

  18. My daughter loves to play Barbies with mom. I’m sure she’ll remember those times.
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  19. Karen says:

    Sounds like you have a great family. Congratulations.
    My daughter is only two and a half years old, but she’ll grow up and I’ll take her to the library too.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..How to play golf =-.

  20. Mary Joy says:

    nursery rhymes, proverbs, folk tales are the best books you must read to her 🙂

  21. I want to homeschool my daughter, too. I did my education classes before I had her, but became single mom after she was born, so I feel your workload pain. I really do. It is a lot to juggle – you are talking about hands on top quality educational parenting, going to college and a job to boot…you are the new Super Mom!

  22. We all must appreciate you and your feeling for your daughter. I really like your all the ways to interact with our kids. As in our busy schedule we just cant look at our kids and probably they are going away from us. Thanks for sharing this beautiful article.

  23. Jenny says:

    For children at this age is very important to have artistic activities. You should learn your daughter about painting 🙂 or take her to ballet classes.

  24. I remember getting my library card…it seems kids don’t need that stuff anymore now that everything is online
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  25. I bring my little girl to the zoo, she’s really love the animal. After that when we came back home she then start painting for the animal she have just seen. And yes the internet is a good source for her to learn.

  26. It’s really good that you have the time for unschooling days with your daughter nowadays many could not afford that.
    At home I’m using internet articles to teach my son things that from my point of will be useful.
    When we are not doing school ‘things’ I’m usually taking him out for a walk in the park, anyway my hubby is taking care of that part more as they play ball games and so
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  27. ipad skins says:

    it’s nice… Let your little one have time to read and learn.. Have time for her… anyways great post.
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  28. I would love to put a mini library in our house just for the kids.

  29. rollenspiele says:

    Well, how old is you daughter?
    When I was a child, I hate reading books. Now there are around 2 oder 3 books per month I´m reading.
    I like it, when mothers explain complicated things to their children too.

  30. This is such a nice thing that you can do together with your kids. This not only helps them learn the fun way but it also helps strengthen the bond between you and your child.
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  31. freefiles says:

    It is good to get kids reading at an early age these days. My kids hated to read and its required more than ever in school now.

  32. Tom James says:

    In my case I hired a homechool teacher, whose cleverness motivates my daughter to stay interested on her studies, furthermore, the curriculum we chose allows one to select what topics you and your kid want to focus on for each subject!!! you can also check my blog where I post HS related stuff,

  33. It’s an interesting post.It’s really good for kids to make them curious about anything.This will increase their capacity of learning.I really appreciate your efforts to interact with your daughter.

  34. This post made me think of when I got my first Library card! Very nostalgic. It’s great to see kids are still reading books!

  35. My son also got a libary card. But he doesnt use this service because every thing he needs for school, he can find in internet. I think libary will die out with the time.
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  36. Kelsey says:

    I remember the exact day I took my first child to get his library card, although I haven’t thought about it in years. What a great day that was… thanks for the reminder 🙂
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  38. It is good to get kids reading at an early age these days. My kids hated to read and its required more than ever in school now.

  39. Jimmy says:

    Hope your daughter was very pleased to get her very own library card.

    Best of luck.

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