Don’t quit your day job

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You’ve heard this advice before, right? I definitely have, especially when I decided to start my own business. There are certainly those who can handle jumping into entrepreneurship headfirst, but the reality may be that you need to have a regular job while you grow your business.

Recently I started substitute teaching, but I found that market a little over-saturated. So I finally decided to work full-time, and made a serious effort to find a good job.

If you’ve been reading Crayon Writer over the years, you know that staying home with my daughter was a huge factor in deciding not to work full-time as an employee. Now that she’s three years old, I’ve found that we both enjoy time apart.

My new job as a secretary at an accounting firm is a perfect fit! Having a steady income also makes me more at ease, so I’m able to think about freelancing without the panic of, “I need a client NOW!”

Getting used to this new routine has taken some time, but I’m finding it incredibly enjoyable. At the same time, I’ve gotten requests for my freelance and blogging services…self-employment will make a nice side income.

Bottom line: as you start or advance in your entrepreneurial venture, continue to evaluate how things are working for you. Then make necessary changes, and see how that works out. Nothing is set in stone.

Have you re-evaluated your business lately? What kinds of changes have you made?

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  1. Theda,
    Each of us has to do what’s best for us and our families. Sounds like you’re finding a workable solution. Good for you.

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    • Theda K. says:

      Thanks Lillie! It was definitely tough getting used to, and luckily they started me out part-time so it wasn’t sudden.

      The best thing is that my daughter actually loves her preschool. She doesn’t mind when I leave, and she doesn’t want to leave when I pick her up.

      It also helps that I really like my co-workers and bosses. It’s only until the end of tax season, but I’m confident I’ll get a referral (and I’ll look for another job in the meantime).

  2. Triphow Ling says:

    That’s wonderful. I’m happy for you. And even happier for your daughter, who now gets to fool around, free from Mommy’s discipline. 🙂

    I’m thinking of some changes myself – adding a few more hours of work to my daily schedule, but I don’t know if I’m up to it. I don’t want to take it on, and then find I can’t do it. But there’s no other way to find out, I guess.

  3. I think you made some wise decisions. That’s really important .
    Unfortunately people that surround us many times throw out advice without properly evaluating our circumstances.
    I agree with you that it’s actually a great thing to have some time apart ( not too much though-LOL). When we come together we bring a fresh new perspective on things.
    Flexibility truly is key.
    All the best,

  4. bloginsane says:

    I’ve changed my job for another less stressful. And i have time now for my family and what is more important for myself.

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  5. Serene says:

    I do understand about this. Some of my friends quit their job, talking to start on online work from home. Personally i thought its a high risk decision. Its true that computer and technology is great everyday but i don’t think its a wise decision to rely on it so much.

  6. As they say, life is all about balance.. I also just started a regular job, but i find it a bit too demanding, my side project suffer a lot… so i also have to reconsider my options and life priorities…

  7. Used Tires says:

    At the part where you said “bottom line” those were some really smart words of wisdom!

    I would also say that, the only situation, where you should go “head first” into your own thing, is only if you have the finances for it. Meaning, that you have a cushion of money to fall back on, if 6 months down the road, the new opportunity is not working out.

    Till then,


  8. Famous says:

    Many people start their businesses as sidelines while working full time. It gives you a really important safety net and can help you get through the difficult first year without taking on too much debt.

    Famous’s last blog post..Uk National Debt Hits £2.2 Trillion

  9. Tia says:

    I know, in start of your job, you must be missing and/or thinking about your daughter at your work place. But one has to find a balance between work and family. If you are established as a freelancer, then you should work as a freelancer and you should not do any job. In this way, you can manage your work and daughter effictely.

  10. randi says:

    its very nice to hear that you have come to a nice phrase in your life
    its very good that you stayed for your daughter and the job
    well done
    good luck

  11. emirie says:

    I also quit my job when I was 2 months pregnant until now my baby is 1 year old but I can’t still leave her behind to work.

    emirie’s last blog post..A Baby’s Transformation into Toddler

  12. Track It says:

    This is a question I have been considering lately. by the end of this year I want to have my own computer repair business up and running, and dedicate full time on it. right now I’m full time employed, and feel financially secure. everytime I think about this, I feel afraid about the consequences of leaving my job to pursue something uncertain.

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  13. I think this is the more prudent side of being a working mother and at the same time a business woman. We can juggle almost anything. On hindsight though, it may be that in the long run something has to take the backseat.

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  14. folk art says:

    Keeping the dayjob and running a bussinnes simultanously would be perfect and lucky you if you found a solution but most of the cases its so hard that even hardly possible.

  15. It’s definitely important to have a firm foothold in your entrepreneurial business before you take the plunge into doing it full time. I have a friend I work with who actually had left the company to work at home, but then came back a year later after finding out how difficult it was to just stop working and be “at home” sometimes.

  16. Guest says:

    women are great at multitasking. If one is a good manager, there is no worry. you can still fit in all chores and make your job less stressful.

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  17. inertz says:

    This is not the right time to quit your day job.

    inertz’s last blog post..Resident evil 5 is a big hit in japan

  18. Yeah having a “regular” job and an internet job as an income supplement is the ideal situation, especially given the current advertising market.

    Lil Wayne fan’s last blog post..Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Introduces Gorilla Zoe’s ‘Echo’

  19. Kai Lo says:

    Good advice! Some people jump into entrepreneurship headfirst, and then give up few weeks later. Now they don’t have a job or a business that they have started. I would suggest that while you are working part-time/full-time, do a bit of research on the business that you want to get into. That way, you will know what to expect and if the business is right for you.

    Kai Lo’s last blog post..Why Do Bloggers Quit?

  20. I think that’s a very wise choice in the current climate. Even if you were previously making a living income freelancing you couldn’t rely on it now.

  21. news says:

    You must quit when motivation dissapears.

  22. We are sailing in a same boat, couple of months ago and i was to work at home but really needed something that will keep me busy all day, so i moved out for the search of job and now currently working with one of the leading hosting company.

    Thanks for sharing your thought and experience.

    Best of luck and keep it up with your job.

    Best Regards,

  23. Hi Theda,

    I understand where you are coming from. Finding a job can be cool, but we wanna spend time with our love ones at the same time getting out does has it’s benefits.
    .-= jay @ work at home´s last blog ..Need Help With Google Adsense? Ask Lisa! =-.

  24. Even I agree we should not quit our day job when we are starting a business. The best thing is to let the business grow along with our job. When the business brings us money to meet our needs, we can then quit our job and grow our business even more.

  25. It’s always good to get some freelancing work. We can stay at home and make money and spend time with our family. Even I agree we should quit our work when we are making enough money from freelancing work or business.

  26. Having the pressure off of you can make a great difference, both creatively and personally. There is no price you can put on that. Taking the opportunity to ramp up your freelancing business while still making money in a “regular job” is a wise move until your business gets off the ground.
    Great post – thanks!
    Michael | Freelance Writer University Review´s last blog post ..Freelance Writer University Review – My Honest Opinion

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