Computer generation

We sing a variation of the alphabet song with my daughter. I can’t describe the tune, but it goes, “A A A A A A A A, A A A. B B B B B B B B, B B B. You get the rest. For each letter there’s a series of 8 fast repeats, then 3 long ones.

The other day, when we got to the W’s, my 3-year-old chimed in, “W W W Dot.”

I just had to share that hilarious story. I asked her where she got that from, expecting her to say television or mommy, but she said, “From the computer.” Go figure.

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  1. Triphow Ling says:

    You have got to get that kid her own blog. You could just let her type whatever she wants, and then give your interpretation of what she wants to say. She’d be like, the youngest blogger ever. I think.. 🙂

    • Koala Bears says:

      The youngest blogger that I heard of is 7 years old. The parents monitor the comments, etc. And the girl is the one that writes the posts. I don’t have the link to the blog anymore, but it was pretty cool.

  2. Megan says:

    lol…love it. Out of the mouth of babes.

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  3. Teresa says:

    I can’t wait for Sakura to start saying cute things like that. Not to say that “ba ba ba ma ma ma la la la” isn’t cute, but it’s just not quite as funny.


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  4. That is so adorable..i have a two year old and she says the most cutest things…i just wish she can stay that

  5. Nona says:

    Gotta love kids and their alphabets.

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  6. Haha that’s hilarious! I think you’ve got a future computer wizzkid there 😉

  7. Jennifer says:

    I used to own part of a franchise called Computertots, where most of the classes were for 3-5 year olds. This was in the mid 90s when many houses didn’t have pcs yet and if they did the parents didn’t know much about them. In the classes, the teachers would always sing little songs with them, like “disk is loading, disk is loading” to the tune of Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques

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  8. aha that’s hilarious! I think you’ve got a future computer wizzkid there

  9. Wow, Shes starting young, very funny Story.

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  10. New Age says:

    All of my family is so familiar with Internet and computers that even my 5 years niece can play games easily on computers. No doubt! Internet is like an addiction and all of us are under its effect. Amazingly we can use it for good as well as bad purposes but we can’t deny it.

  11. Alex C says:

    That is one smart kid. Everyone knows that www always ends with a dot.

  12. Jack Lee says:

    It is funny to listen from kids.Nice

  13. Kids are soo smart..when you think they are not paying attention..they actually are!!

  14. Tim says:

    My son has just started a blog on Pokemon, he is only 8 and has grasped the concept very quickly. Especially because he is running Adsense and can see $$$.

    Have a look


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  15. Computer tips says:

    W W W Dot, then stop. leave the rest

  16. That’s funny kids are really getting smart..

  17. That is too cute for words.

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