Marketing with regular mail

I talk a lot about emailing for my marketing campaigns, but don’t forget about using good old-fashioned “snail” mail. Many prospects and clients don’t use email all the time, while some use it so much that your marketing message gets lost in the crowd.

Even if your prospect or client does read your message, it’s always a good idea to approach them several ways. For instance, say you have a regular client. You email them to let them know you’re still available. You could also call them to say hello.

And you can send a quarterly letter or postcard. The great thing about regular mail is that your client might keep it, especially if it’s catchy enough to get posted on a bulletin board.

Regular mail always looks better when you add a professional touch. Letterhead or a well-designed newsletter never hurts. Also, when sending communications in an envelope, make sure your return address label includes your business’ name. To make it quicker, consider investing in address stickers.

All of these products can be purchased at reasonable prices from companies like VistaPrint, where you can get more than just the free business cards we’ve all heard about. Good luck on your next marketing campaign, however you decide to implement it!

Have you used a combination of methods as your marketing technique, or do you stick to just one?

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  1. Roberto says:

    You know I’ve been doing email marketing for my business for over a year and have been thinking of other types to tackle. Direct mail is on the top of my list. Thanks for the info.

  2. Triphow Ling says:

    I haven’t sent a letter in the post to anyone in the last few years. Could be fun…You write ‘Legal Notice’ in bold on top, and send it off, with a birthday card inside. You can say the envelopes got mixed up.

  3. sHaE-sHaE says:

    I used to sell AVON and I pulled in lots of clients with postcards. I took the yellow pages & mapped out addresses within a 20 mile circle around my home & sent post cards. Business went up about 40%.

    sHaE-sHaE’s last blog post..Haven’t Received Your Surplus Check Yet?

    • Theda K. says:

      Hey sHaE-sHaE, that’s impressive! I need to talk to you about that. I’m trying to grow my new business, and I can use all the hints I can get! I’ll be emailing you soon.

    • Monavie says:

      Wow that is a high percentage! Good job. I think another way to get a foot in the door of advertisement is to revert to your middle school days. Give nice ads to your family and friends, and ask them to put them somewhere visible at their work. Then, customers are more likely to buy into what you are offering because they already trust the source they found it at.

  4. rakeback says:

    I used to send e-mail to my potential customers because this is my fastest way to reach them. However, I might start considering using snail mail as well to increase my sales.

  5. There are multiple means for marketing. The main objectives are to keep in touch with the clients, establish a closer and better relationship with the clients, and to be customers’ first choice. So all the means, such as regular mails, emails, calls, invitation for dinners etc., can be used and chosen in different situations.

  6. I think you have to send snail mail to clients or prospects you actually need to trust you. Handwritten goes a really long way although it takes a while. If you go the high effort of snail/handwritten occasionally it allows for emails for the updates…

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  7. rakeback says:

    Oh my. The last time that i had ever sent out a regular mail was ages ago. But i did mail out greeting cards 2 years ago *blushed*

  8. zo hai says:

    Marketing with regular mail do have more advantage than email. Emails are usually thrown as spam but we tend to know what’s in the snail mail. Only problem that you’ll have to come out with your own cash to fund them.

  9. sHaE-sHaE says:

    Hi Theda. I replied to your email with samples. I hope your received them. 🙂

    sHaE-sHaE’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen: Things I Forget / Lose

  10. IT says:

    I think that sending letters via snail mail is a dying method. Maximum that you can send to your customer is a greeting card, but what about some kind offers, promotions, sales, events, etc.?

    To send such letters you’ll definitively use email.

  11. Revitol says:

    I agree with you. Maybe snail mail is the way to go.
    Honestly, I miss getting tangible mail in my hands. email is just so convenient and impersonal.
    .-= Revitol´s last blog ..Liposuction Cellulite – Is It The Way To Go =-.

  12. Ronalyn says:

    I think that is true, a good example to this one is google. Google loves to send mail world wide like giving coupons and etc. not only they used email marketing to inform their beloved clients or whatever you called their members. Thank you Theda for sharing this wonderful post. I really love it! 🙂

    Ronalyn´s last blog post ..Email Marketing Best Practices

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