Moving mayhem

Well, it’s time for me and my daughter to move to a bigger apartment. The next couple of weeks should be–interesting.

The good news is we’re moving from a tiny one-bedroom to a roomy two-bedroom with a cute backyard (with our own cacti). My daughter doesn’t know she’s really a Georgia peach. She just adores cactus. I’ll be happy because a natural backyard will have lots of bird life. There’s a honeysuckle plant (which will attract hummingbirds), and a neighbor has a feeder with quail and other visitors.

The bad news is that I’ll have to be without an Internet connection for 3 days! Gasp! That’s an eternity. I’ll be frequenting the local coffee shops with free wi-fi, but it’ll be a pain. Then again, moving is a pain anyway.

I’m considering getting a wireless provider so I can use the Internet anywhere I go with my laptop. It would come in handy for working while I’m watching my daughter play at a park or whatever. If you have this type of service, what do you recommend?

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  1. 3 days without the Internet does seem like forever. We are all too hooked on it I am afraid!

  2. Doc SEO says:

    Ahh..moving to a new place is always a great experience. But to pack things, move all the stuff is a pain for us. 3 days without net u say? i can’t stand without in for 3 hours! hahaha

  3. I once moved 10 times in a 1 month period, all within the same town. Talk about stress.

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  4. I think moving ranks right up there with “root canal” as life experiences people would like to avoid. I do a lot of writing about moving, and think that a lot of comes down to how well one get organized and how much help one can recruit!

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