In other writing news…

I’m renewing my efforts to get my writing business off the ground. It will still be slower than I like, since I will continue working a ‘day job,’ but I’m not taking my eyes off the prize.

So what’s been going on in my writing world?

I’ve taken on two cool projects, both with the same company. I’m a substitute court reporter, standing in whenever the main person is unable to make it (very rarely, actually). I go to the local courthouse and gather civil cases that subscribers are interested in. Then I write short summaries about them.

And the company, Courthouse News Service, is starting an environmental law digest, and I’ve been asked to write for it. I’m assigned several court cases to read, and I have to write long summaries/articles about them.

Having some law school under my belt is coming in handy!

I’m also applying for writing jobs, possibly to replace my current job as a call center representative. I’m not sure what I’ll decide, though. I like the relative flexibility my job offers, but I’d like to do work that uses my many skills.

Finally, I’m beginning to get calls from contacts I made months ago, so my business isn’t dead. I’ll just keep putting hooks out there and see what bites.

My advice for other people venturing into the world of writing: keep trying, even when things aren’t going your way. Don’t give up!

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  1. Louiss says:

    ahh. Which means we have to keep trying. So you just spend for 1 month for keep trying on it! Congratulations that you have successfully get to your favorite job – a writing jobs

  2. Hi Theda, thanks for the encouragement! I haven’t checked into court reporting yet – is that something that requires law background, or is that just a helpful plus? Good luck with it!

  3. Dave RH says:

    My Fiancee launched her freelance writing career at the beginning of the summer.

    She was able to get quite a bit of work off to build up her income…but now she’s going to try and transition over to Elance, hoping that the jobs there will pay more because you can’t make a living off of Rent A Coder’s low pay rates and high fees.

    (I included a link to a blog she writes for me in my comment name if you want to check it out 🙂

  4. Chamonix says:

    Keep trying and also make sure that you set aside time every day to do some writing – or whatever it is you want to achieve. Time management was one of my greatest problems.

  5. Robin Weaver says:

    Good luck on your buisness venture women to women I am going back to school and I like to write but I would like to work for myself also I believe your on the right track by working for yourself it just seems like a waste of time working for someone else when you can do it your self Idont have any law behind me but I thought it would be nice to write for my local news paper but I am getting alot of resistance with that idea.

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