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Another year for Crayon Writer!


Crayon Writer is officially two years old! Happy Anniversary, Crayon Writer!

Though I haven’t been writing as often as I used to, I’m proud to have made it to the 2-year mark. Now it’s time to reexamine my goals, both for this blog and my life and hopefully that will help me keep Crayon Writer going for another year.

When I first started this adventure, I just wanted a place to talk about my life as a work-at-home single mother. But as my daughter grows and changes, I’m finding that I do too. Working from home is still my goal, but it may not be a reality in the near future.

My daughter’s already been going to preschool, and kindergarten is right around the corner. She’s turning into a lovely, independent child, who often prefers to “go somewhere,” preferably without Mommy hanging around. On the other hand, I’m still not keen on sending her to school for 10 hours a day, so I have to have some type of home-based work (along with a part-time job).

So join us in our next adventure(s)! This year, with my daughter as a 4-year-old, things are going to be exciting. There’ll be adventures in babysitting, possibly a move to a new state, interesting jobs, and definitely some freelance copywriting gigs.

Thanks for being part of our lives these past couple of years!

The rules of blogging


I’m going to break one of the long-standing “rules” of blogging. But it’s no problem, especially since the blogosphere is ever-changing.

One of the first things I learned was to never explain why you were away so long. Well, I’ve had some loyal readers who might actually want an explanation…at least, I’d want to know what happened if I were in your shoes.

When my blog was regularly updated, I had loads of time on my hands. But then I started working an 8-5 job (sometimes I worked 7 days a week), and I had to prioritize. As a single mother, when I got home at 5:30 or 6:00, my only priorty was spending quality time with my daughter. When she went to bed, it became wind down time and/or get all my household chores done before I crashed.

So there you have it! My first blogging rule disobeyed. Hope you didn’t mind too much.

Hopefully, with the help of that huge post-it note, I’ll find a way to get back to blogging. While you’re waiting, feel free to go back and read some earlier posts. I’ll be doing the same, hoping to get inspired once again.

Writing on the go

Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t fit in writing, especially if you take advantage of modern technology.

I just got a new cellphone with a keypad, internet, and all sorts of cool features, so I can quickly type out blog topic or even a blog post while I’m out and about. When an idea pops into my head, of course I can write it on a piece of paper or in a notebook, but that hasn’t worked for me.

So now I’ll be writing my quick ideas on my phone. If I have enough time, I’ll even login to my blog and write a whole post while mobile!

Have you used your mobile device to keep your writing “on” even when you’re out and about?

Start at the very beginning

Running track 1

As “Maria” from The Sound of Music says, starting at the very beginning is a very good place to start.

Recently I wrote Anne over at because I realize I feel like my freelance writing career needs to start over. While I don’t have to start over from scratch (I do have a good portfolio), I do need to get started again.

One piece of advice she had for me was to start writing on Crayon Writer again, even if it’s just a little bit, so here I am.

Next, I need to figure out what’s holding me back from being the writer I know I am.

What about you? Are you living your dreams? Any advice for those of us who aren’t quite ready?

Link love

rusty chain

Subscribing to others’ blogs is a great way to keep up with your interests, make new online friends, and learn new things. I’m subscribed to several, but hadn’t made the time (until today) to read through them.

As I peruse my feeds, I’ll let you know when I find some interesting articles.

There’s a wonderful list of resources, for any type of entrepreneur, over at Cath Lawson’s Tips for Success in Business & Life. I’ll be regularly checking her blog, since I seem to need lots of motivation to get my business(es) off the ground.

Stay tuned for more!

The Roadmap to Become a Blogger

Folded map

Okay, so after my last post, you’ve decided that blogging is your cup of tea. Perhaps you’re even serious about making your blog (future or present) into a money-making tool.

But one thing I’ve noticed in my short time blogging is that everyone has a blog now. There’re millions of them, about every conceivable topic. Along with tons of blogs, there are also lots of social media sites now. I’ve finally joined Facebook (look me up, add me, and make sure you tell me how I know you), and also Twitter. (I’ll put the appropriate links in my sidebar later.)

My point here is that there’s so much out there, it’s hard to figure out where to start if you want to carve out your piece of the blogging-for-money pie. And there’s a lot of competition. One thing that can work out for you, though, is that a lot of people give up on their blogs. I’ve had a few that have come and gone, for instance.

I just got my hands on a very detailed report about blogging. It’s a free download, The Roadmap to Become a Blogger, and the authors also have free videos to teach you various blogging tools. Whether you want to start a blog from scratch or take your current blog to the next level, take a look at the report or the videos and see what you get from them.

I learned that I have some soul-searching to do, and that I can use Facebook and Twitter to really skyrocket my blogging business. I don’t make a ton of money here at Crayon Writer, but it’s definitely a nice addition to my pocketbook.

If you’re serious about blogging, you have to keep learning or you’ll fall behind fast. Read everything you can and change with the times.

After you read the free report and/or watch the videos, leave a comment here to let the rest of us know what you thought.

Have you been hacked?

Recently I wrote two posts, one about Barack Obama’s election, and the other about using holiday cards for marketing. Both mysteriously disappeared, and the only thing I fiddled with today was my Google Adsense.

Has this happened to you? Have I been hacked? Have you ever been hacked?

From now on I’m going to save all of my posts on my computer separately from my blog. Maybe we should all do the same.

Talk amongst yourselves while I try to sort this out.

Web hosting revealed

When the internet started, I’m sure more than a few of us thought it would be a passing phase. Or at least something that most people would never need.

Well, as we all know now, the internet is here to stay. It’s now crucial to many aspects of our lives, especially if we’re looking for side income.

Serious bloggers and business owners must have their own websites, so now it’s just a matter of choosing the right web hosting company. Whew! What a daunting task, with hosting companies popping up left and right.

I just found a cool website, Web Hosting Geeks, that offers side-by-side comparisons for various hosting companies, as well as customer reviews. Their site also offers lots of information, including links to relevant articles about web hosting. If you’re considering switching companies, starting a new site on with a new host, or you’re just interested in keeping up with what’s out there, check it out.

Do you have multiple blogs or websites? How do you keep up with the latest companies?

Advertising with Crayon Writer

Crayon Writer has been around for more than a year, and it’s attracting a variety of visitors. I use to boost my daily readership, and I have loyal subscribers as well. I’ve also been receiving inquiries about advertising with Crayon Writer, so it makes sense to make it easier for you.

You’ll notice the new advertising spots in the side columns. The smaller spaces are for 125×125 pixel ads, while the large one on top is negotiable (currently it’s 300×300).

The rates on the Advertise page are also negotiable. If you want to purchase several months in advance, I know we can work out a deal.

Why advertise on a blog? Readers are more likely to go directly to an advertised spot. Paper ads mean the reader has to put down the paper, pick up their phone or go to their computer, and then dial or type in the information. Advertising online just makes sense.

Have you ever advertised on a blog? How did it work for you?

My Desert Spirit: a new blog

With a new business comes a new blog, so head over to My Desert Spirit to see my latest project.

My Desert Spirit is a blog about starting a network marketing/MLM business. Similar to Crayon Writer, it’ll be my journey in the field. There’ll be articles about network marketing, sales, my personal goals and accomplishments, and of course some “product placement.”

The goal? To introduce people to Warm Spirit, the product line I’m selling. Hopefully the blog will generate new customers and new business partners. Also, I’d like to educate other MLMers through my own success and trials.

One thing I don’t like about the network marketing field is that I don’t hear enough about how people build their businesses. Often we hear about the great successes, or the super-power marketers who get 10 new recruits each day. My Desert Spirit will be about an ordinary person (well, maybe a little extraordinary) figuring it out daily.

There are only a couple of posts right now, but feel free to leave comments or email me suggestions.