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I’ve written a few posts that many readers have found useful. I’m posting the links to them here, so they don’t get buried in the archives.

I’ll be adding to this list regularly. Let me know what posts you’d like to see highlighted.

Besides having started a couple other blogs, and besides my writing website, I’ve also been a contributing author on other blogs:

Theda K. Communications, my writing website with my portfolio
Babies Online Blog, where I was a contributing author
Internet Business Guide, where I was a guest blogger

HubPages posts:

My first rat
Male or female rat?
Teaching your cockatiel to whistle
Thinking of getting a pet cockatiel?

2 Responses to “Best Work”

  1. Junarto says:


    I am Jun, a writer, but English is not my primary language. I am learning to write in English. I like your writing style. It is understandable for a non-English native like me. I will visit your blog often. Thank for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve read the posts you suggest above, they are pretty interesting. I found particularly useful for my job the fist one (“Copyediting Tips”) and the last one (The reasons why you work for yourself!).
    I wish you good luck.



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