Balancing Act

Credit: Kristin Smith

My daughter is seven years old this year, and I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to homeschool her. I wanted to start when she was five, but she was more interested in going to regular school. It kind of worked for a couple of years, but with our big move, she seemed to be more comfortable with the idea of staying with me. I don’t blame her.

This year is definitely going to be an experiment. I have to make a living solely with my writing business, all while working at home with a young child. In the past, while she was at school, I’d either work for someone else part time or I was a full-time student (with student loan money as a supplement to my writing business). But this is going to be quite the test.

So far, it’s been rocky. When I’ve landed big projects, I’ve taken her to play areas that included wi-fi. That way, she kept busy and so did I. I also stay up late or get up early (or both). My parents moved to Georgia as well, so they’ve been a source of babysitting from time to time. But it’s mostly been me.

The challenge will be keeping my daughter happy and fulfilled while I also seek out prospective clients and work on projects. It helps that I’m not strict about our homeschooling “curriculum.” I’ve chosen to unschool her. We’ve joined a local homeschool group that offers classes and field trips, and we’ve made friends with some neighborhood children. Prospecting via cold calling is pretty non-existent at this point, though. It turns out that the only child of this single parent requires lots of interaction (no surprise).

Creativity is going to be essential if we’re to be successful, but I’m determined. I truly believe that homeschooling is best for my daughter, and that working for myself is best for me.

Have you needed to be creative to balance your work and your family?

4 Responses to “Balancing Act”

  1. Jenny Good says:

    Reaching out to commend you on your choice to school your child. I am also in the process of making that transition. I am reviewing different programs at this time. I it a big switch but like you, I feel it is the right move to make. Way to go for being courageous not only in your business but as a mom too.

  2. vet in Tampa says:

    That spirit of fierce independence is something you will hopefully keep always, and if you know those are the right choices for you and your daughter and family, then don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. All the best for success.

  3. TN3 SEO says:

    I somehow feel I draw a lot of inspiration from you. I can’t even imagine anyone running her own business, be it small, looking after a small child, and homeschooling her. It takes more than just strength, and the patience and confidence with which you do things is simply great. Thanks for the post.

  4. SH says:

    I’d agree with Jenny. It’s a bold move, but done for the right reasons. Recent figures appear to indicate more parents taking the same steps.

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