Can you restart an old blog?

Blogging can be a journey (like this one), a passion, a hobby, or a business. And everything in-between. But sometimes life happens and your blog can wind up the last thing on a long “to do” list. That’s what happened to me and one of my old blogs.

Marana Unwrapped was a blog about the town I lived in, just northwest of Tucson, Arizona. I started out pretty interested in it, some people subscribed to it, and I even got added to the town’s email group for the press. But then I moved out of the town of Marana, and somehow thought I should let the blog move into oblivion.

I let the domain name expire and that was that. But something kept nagging at me over the past couple of years. I knew that blog had potential, and it makes no sense to turn down the opportunity. After all, trying to restart an old blog may be worth it. I checked to see if the domain name was still available (it was), and I re-bought it.

It seemed reasonable to sit on my decision and think things through first. I decided a new WordPress theme was essential, and I got to work on that. I changed some categories, updated and added a few pages, and tried my hand at some CSS/PHP code tweaking. It’s still not perfect (I need to Photoshop some of the heading’s pictures), but it’s ready to reintroduce to the world.

With the restart of an old blog comes decisions about how to drive traffic to it. Word of mouth and Twitter may be the best way to jumpstart it. Local blogs have the advantage of being extremely targeted. Later I may go on to create a Facebook page and maybe even submit articles to submission sites. Getting traffic is always a fun adventure.

If you get a chance, take a look at the old content on Marana Unwrapped. Even better, if you’re a Tucson reader, feel free to send me story ideas and news. Let me know what you think (here or there). I’m all ears.

Have you ever made the decision to restart an old blog? What plan of action did you take?

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  1. Dean Saliba says:

    I’ve never tried to restart an old blog but I have tried to breathe a bit of life into old blog posts by installing the Tweet Old Posts plugin.

    Worked a treat for me. 🙂
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  2. well a have one but i dont use it i just like to read and comment other blogs so i can give my opinion but i havent restart one yet!

  3. It can be difficult to get back into blogging once you’ve been away from it for a while. Since my blogs specifically pertain to high school students, I try to re-read old blogs to determine what my original message was supposed to be, next I do a little brainstorming to get myself re-focused, then I try to start writing where I left off or sometimes I end up with an entirely new blog! Hope this helps.
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  4. Phil says:

    Hola, I found your blog post by Googling best blog techniques.

    Restarting an old blog should be a tad easy since you’ve done it before, but I guess maybe you’re referring how to drive traffic?

    I use 2 methods. I use…which is free, just don’t spam them. After adding your new entries, you ping the search engines to come look at your site.

    Then, I use These are people willing to do anything for $5. I use them for “social bookmarking”. Search for that term, then rank results for ratings, and those are the best people. It’s highly useful for getting the word out on your site.

    You can social bookmark on your own, but it can take a few hours to set it up. I use

    Hope these suggestions help!
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