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I love getting comments on my blog posts, so if you’re thinking something while reading my posts, please let me know. One thing I have noticed recently, though, is comments that make no sense. What’s funny is that they have some elements of the post in them, but overall they’re gibberish.

Part of being a “do follow” blog is dealing with comment spam. In case you don’t know, “do follow” means that when you comment here, my site provides a link to your website (assuming you put that information in the comment form). That’s great for building Google PageRank, so I guess a lot of sites comment here just for the links. It doesn’t hurt that my page has some PageRank juice to give out too.

For that reason, I have my comments on moderated status. If you see your comment hasn’t been approved in a couple of days, please feel free to email me. It’s possible I didn’t get to it yet, or it might have wound up in my spam folder. I generally don’t weed through the hundreds of spam messages I get for one or two real comments.

One type of comment spam that’s hard to catch is the “repeat everything” comment. This is where the comment is actually an exact duplicate of some snippet from my posts or from others’ comments. They sound real, and it requires my delving into my memory to realize that it’s something I’ve seen before.

Another common type of comment spam is the “great post” comment. Those are just annoying, but they’re fairly easy to spot. They might say, “Nice blog,” or, “I agree with you,” or other non-specific comments.

Luckily, the Akismet spam catcher thingee does a good job of keeping out most comment spam (like the ads for viagra).

What kinds of comment spam have you had to deal with?

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  1. Jenny says:

    Great post! – hahaha just kidding :)don’t put it in the spam section:) For real now, I really like the way you write and I stop everyday to check it out.

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    Akismet is an absolute lifeline for me, it makes my life so much easier.

    I’m now starting to concentrate on what links commentators are leaving behind.
    .-= Dean Saliba´s last blog ..Would You Pay To Have WordPress Installed For You =-.

  3. Donnie Lee says:

    Isn’t it amazing? It takes just as much effort to write a good comment as is does a spam comment. I have similar problems with by blogs, I do have to say that a lot of people really do put an effort in to add to the conversation. Often, I’m pleasantly surprised. Those comments do make “do follow” worth it for me.
    .-= Donnie Lee´s last blog ..SEO TIP- Goodbye PageRank- Hello Trust and Authority =-.

  4. I know exactly how you feel there. I found that having a captcha for your comments takes your spam from dozens (or hundreds) a day to practically nothing. An absolute lifesaver.

  5. I use a WP plugin with the captcha to cut out spam at my blog, too. It has helped A LOT, a virtual necessity with the persistent spammers out there. I can’t get Askimet to work, darn it. (Finding my API key…impossible!)
    But like Jenny, I enjoy my visits to Crayon Writer because your writing is good. And because I have a preschool daughter and I WAHM…we’re like simpatico.

  6. Eric says:

    I agree with Donnie…why spend so much time copy/pasting gibberish when you can use the same amount of time writing a valid and helpful comment!

    My favorites are the ones that have half the post title in the comment with a “…” and then “great post!”

    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Choices In Life =-.

  7. alexander says:

    I just found some other method. The guy enter read the article and after that take some names and put a biography inside with some links in it. At first you don’t realize that it;s a spam but after when you check the link you found some funny pharma and other stuff..

  8. Stacey says:

    I’m with Donnie and Eric on this… save the energy you put into spamming and put it into a useful comment.

    I really do hate spam. The thing is, they must have a really low success rate too as any decent blog will moderate or have some sortof auto moderation.

    These people would get so much value out of making real comments. If they contribute to a conversation with a valid point, they might even find their comments generate traffic to their site from people who like their opinions.
    Stacey´s last blog post ..5 Stalker-Like Tendencies Facebook Has Instilled in us ALL!

  9. Mary K says:

    I fully agree with what you said. Even a person is commenting on others’blogs in order to do SEO, he should contribute high quality comment.
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  10. Andone says:

    I run 5 blogs and on one of them i have dofollow where i get lots of comments.But it doesn’t realy bother me as long as they are not “nice blog” comments.I am aware they are commenting just to build links but it’s not realy spaming if they read the article.
    Andone´s last blog post ..The Wacom tablet

  11. Tracey says:

    Wow. Sorry that you have to moderate comments but i totally understand. I havea blog that is constantly being spammed with comments in a different language.
    Tracey´s last blog post ..Real Life Experiences

  12. Kaye Swain says:

    I totally understand. I get so many R rated +, yet I have a totally conservative site for families. Obviously they often don’t check the site.

    Plus I get many, like you, that just don’t make any sense at all. I’m guessing a lot of these are from those “spinning” tools I’ve read about – or are being outsourced to people who are making very little???

    For two years I’ve had comment moderation but that’s frustrating for my readers if I can’t get them ok-ed right away. Recently, I switched to moderation for the first comment, and then automatic ok. But that means I have to be even tighter on who I approve so a so-so commenter doesn’t get approved, then come back with a no-no comment. 🙂

    Ah well, I guess it’s good brain activities to keep this baby boomer brain young.

  13. I am very interested in reading the views on spamming.

    To be totaly honest with you im doing it at the moment to boost my rankings. There is no harm in it if you do it with respect.

    I take time to find and read something that I am interested in.

    I dont think I will make a good spammer as I probably spend too much time having a nosey at other peoples goings on.

    I do find it a bit of a shame when I too see the quick answers like ” great post ”

    Part of me wishes I could do it like that but I would just feel bad about it.

    Delete this post if you feel it is not appropriate for your blogg.

    At least I know I will have taken the time to reply.

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