Essential laptop accessories

Being a freelance writer, I love my laptop dearly. It’s like a second child. I can take it almost anywhere, even though I did opt for a pretty heavy laptop. I wanted a 17-inch screen and a keyboard complete with a numeric keypad. I also have a thing for playing computer games and running multiple applications.

With all that power comes heat, and I burned through one laptop (thank goodness it was still under warranty).

Lesson learned. I now own a cooling pad for the laptop, one of my essential can’t-live-without-it laptop accessories.

Cooling pads come in several types. Some have one or more moving fans that serve to suck the heat away from the computer. This is the kind I have. Other fan systems blow air onto the laptop. Fan-based cooling pads generally use USB cords, from the laptop, for their power source.

Other kinds of cooling pads are passive. They use chemicals that turn to gel when heated, which moves the heat to the pad and away from the laptop. Other passive pads are angled so that natural airflow is maximized.

Whatever kind of cooling pad you get, make sure you get one. It extends the life of your laptop and saves precious information. While I did get a replacement laptop, I lost all my files and documents.

Another really important accessory is a laptop sleeve. Obviously, this isn’t essential if you keep your laptop solely at home, but if you take it anywhere, your laptop needs some protection.

You can always get a regular laptop case, which has some type of handle for carrying. A laptop sleeve, however, is valuable because you can omit the (usually) bulky case. Sleeves have padding, but they aren’t suitable if you think you’re going to drop your laptop a lot (is that in anyone’s plans?)

A snug-fitting sleeve adds little weight to your laptop, so you can carry it in a regular bag with other things. Or you may just want to carry it in your arms while still getting some protection from scratches or light drops.

I haven’t gotten a sleeve yet, but that’s because I’m happy with just carrying a case. I’m not lugging around books for school, and I have to have a shoulder strap to keep my hands free.

What are your must-have laptop accessories? Which ones can you do without?

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  1. Wow thanks for this info…My laptop is on for a long time everyday, and gets very hot so these would be perfect…I’m going to get one, but not pink haha…Great blogg by the way
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  2. Iowa Angler says:

    I definitely agree that getting cooling devices or pads is worth the money. What’s $20 to $50 to add another couple years to a working laptop? That’s a no brainer, and after my first laptop, a mistake that I won’t make again.
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  3. Mia says:

    I’ve never heard of a cooling pad, I’ll check it out. can you tell me a brand?

    Regarding cases for your laptop, for me the best and most comfortable is the backpack 🙂

  4. Emma says:

    My laptop also has to work 8 hours a day at least and especially in summer it gets pretty hot. I didn’t know there are cooling pads, I will check this out. Thanks 🙂
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  5. w says:

    I definitely agree that getting cooling devices or pads is worth the money

  6. Verdasco says:

    Nice to hear about the cooling pad for users like me. It will be very useful.Reagrding the case will it be suitable for air travel?

  7. Kate Gordon says:

    Thanks for the wonderful information.I also love my laptop much and i am always looking for cool and funky accessories for my laptop.Will give a try to laptop sleeve now.i think i need it.Great Post!

  8. KC says:

    Computer makers need to put better fans in their laptops to take care of this problem. Apple finally did with their new macbook line. My laptop runs very cool. Probably in the next year or so this will filter down to all manufacturers.

  9. Thank you for your post! I like buying laptop accessories often times.I think it’s cute.
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  10. Sam Kane says:

    thanks for the laptop tips. a extra cooling pad can be vital b/c those things really do tend to overheat.

  11. I agree the laptop sleeves are a great idea especially the ones that have extra padding just in case they are dropped.

  12. I strongly agree that having a cooling pads are very much essential if you work long hours using your laptop. The cooling pad that I have is like a stand type where you have to place your laptop on top of it with a fan situated at the bottom. Laptop Sleeves are good if your going to put your laptop inside another bag. I prefer a backpack though.
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  13. Yeah, cooling pad is all right but I always go for very thin one so that I can slot it into my laptop bag. Bulky kind of cooling pad is not good cause it’s hard to carry around.