Just do it already!


This is my new mantra. I need to just do it already. Whatever “it” is, I need to get over myself and just do it.

But getting yourself out of the way is easier said than done. Procrastination is much easier than taking action.

As an exercise in procrastinating, I decided to do some research about my affliction. Do you procrastinate too? Well spend some of that extra time reading through these insightful articles. Enjoy!

50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work

Five Reasons Why We Procrastinate and Five Strategies to Put Off Putting it Off

Good and Bad Procrastination

Beating Procrastination

Procrastination: Ten Things to Know

21 Responses to “Just do it already!”

  1. Jenny says:

    For me procrastination doesn’t exist:) I prioritize:)

  2. Mike Lee says:

    I do procrastinate and it is killing me sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing this list of resources.

  3. These were some very helpful articles. I too suffer from procrastination. Thank you!

  4. madno factor says:

    i’m using 20/80 rule to prevent the procrastination from happening.
    .-= madno factor´s last blog ..Adakah identi.ca masih lagi relevan? =-.

  5. CFD Trade says:

    My daughter loves to procrastinate and it frustrates me since I like the work done as soon as possible.

  6. Amy Harrison says:

    Procrastination can be a useful tool to tell us that our to do list isn’t in line with our real values… but it can also just be a bad habit that needs to be kicked!
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  7. uk single says:

    Keeping daily to-do lists have helped me cut down on procrastination immensely. Next thing I need to get is a whiteboard to keep myself more organized 🙂

  8. Sam says:

    @ madno:
    How does the 20/80 rule work?

  9. Thanks I could really do with listening to this advice. I’m always putting things off. Hopefully the links will spur me on to actually doing something about it.

  10. I read that article “Good and Bad Procrastination” I never realized it but I think I’m definitely a class C procrastinator, which the author thought was the good type. Very interesting..

    Well, now I have an excuse to give my wife when I avoid the things she wants me to do, cuz I have more important stuff, and I CAN procrastinate on her stuff…..I’ll just show the article.

    .-= Astoria Pediatricians´s last blog ..Astoria Shop Worker Risks Life To Stop Robbers =-.

  11. Well I was procrastinating when I cam by your web page, now I’m off to procrastinate some more. Bye
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  12. Iowa Angler says:

    Procrastination is definitely something that can be hard to deal with. I think what helps to motivate me is understanding how upset with myself I’ll be if I put things off too long since I do feel good about getting what needs to be done accomplished.
    .-= Iowa Angler´s last blog ..Pike Fishing Gear =-.

  13. Mia says:

    I don’t like putting things off, because sooner or later will need to be done. So, it’s better to do things whenever they are required.

  14. Josefina ArgĂĽello says:

    8 Steps to defeat procrastination:

    1. Pick one area in which you find procrastination most annoying (homework, studying for tests)
    2. Begin small and progress as you experience success. Be patient. Establish your own deadlines. Be realistic in setting a timetable.
    3. Break the project into smaller parts. Chip away at it in small bites. Don’t wait for that “big chunk” of time.
    4. Set a definite beginning time. Yuu must break the inertia of inactivity. If getting started is especially troublesome, set a time for 10 or 15 minutes. Commit yourself to doing something on the project until the timer rings. Then you can decide whether to stop or continue. Chances are you will gain momentum and continue after the timer stops. If not, try another 10 minutes later in the day.
    5. Do the most important things first. Avoid the distractions of the trivial and routine tasks when a higher priority job is waiting in the wings. Examining each task in light of your goals will help you set priorities.
    6. Reward yourself for completing parts of a major task. It may be something as a 10-minute walk, a Coke, or a call. Contract with yourself for a big reward for completion of important tasks. A pizza, sleeping extra late on a weekend, or shopping for something may help motivate you to complete the job. Be nice to yourself.
    7. Avoid perfectionism. Excellence is a sufficient level of performance for most things in life, and for many tasks (a new hobby, cleaning your room) adequacy is all that is necessary. Give yourself permission to be less than perfect. A good garden may have some weeds. You might double the amount of time spent typing a paper, attempting to get the spelling perfect. Could that extra time be better spent in another activity which will better help your grades? Probably so.
    8. Procrastination is a learned habit, and can supplanted with a more constructive habit, giving your greater control over your life. If procrastination has limited your achievements, do something about it now!

    Josefina ArgĂĽello – Go Mexico

  15. Ven says:

    I’m a master procrastinator and found these links to be very helpful, especially the 50 strategies link. I’m going to try some of the strategies to see if they work for me.

    I think my main problem with procrastination stems from lack of organization and feeling overwhelmed with the huge number of things that need to get done every day. I put things aside to do later when I have more time, but I never seem to find “more time.” Eventually I run out of time altogether and find myself rushing to finish something that could have been done much better if I had tackled it earlier.
    .-= Ven´s last blog ..Moral Dilemma: What Would You Do? =-.

  16. Copywriter says:

    Love your reasons why we procrastinate. It’s such an easy trap to fall into but we just need to get on with it and stop putting it off! Easy to say I know…
    .-= Copywriter´s last blog ..How To Increase Your Profits (Without Any Extra Customers) =-.

  17. Tom James says:

    I guess everybody has procrastination seasons, In my case I just got out of one of those when I started using a k12 online curriculum to educate my children, since I,m now spending more time with them I’m avoiding to be a bad example for them.

  18. Procrastination is like a virus, the more you do it the harder it is to stop the habit.

  19. Some people work better under pressure. I only work under pressure. It’s sad but true I wish I could motivate myself better.

  20. no better way to do something than to just do it.

  21. Kisha says:

    I too go through cycles too – I find using a simple 20 minute timer and forcing myself to focus for 20 minutes is the greatest way to get me to focus and actually start doing something. Will be trying out the other strategies from this post as well!
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