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Going back to school while working on your freelance business may be a good idea. Your schedule is flexible, especially if you find an online program. And you can borrow money for your living expenses and tuition, so your work schedule can be eased a bit (assuming you were working in the first place).

About a month ago I took the plunge. Having been a substitute teacher for more than 8 years, I figured it was high time I got my teaching certification. I found an online program at a local small college, and things are moving along pretty smoothly. The only thing I didn’t count on was how much work an online program really requires. Because you don’t have to show up for class everyday, there are a lot of assignments to turn in.

But I think it’ll be worth it in the long run. If I need to have a “real job” at some point, teaching is a career that will allow me to mimic my daughter’s potential school schedule (vacations and such). At the same time, I’m more convinced than ever that I want to (somehow) homeschool her.

Time will tell. In the meantime, my days are filled with studying, taking care of my daughter, and servicing my clients.

Have you considered going back to school? Why or why not?

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  1. pussreboots says:

    I am going back to school this fall for an MLIS. I’m somewhere between thrilled and scared to death.
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  2. Almost three years ago I was laid off from a job I had for 7 years. I’d never been to college and had worked my way up through the company. I had no other experience besides that job, and decided to go to college. Thank goodness for my amazing boyfriend lol. I was scared out of my mind! I’ve done much better than I ever though I would, and am about a year away from graduating.

    I think it’s worth it. Where you live seems to have easier requirements for getting your teacher’s certificate. Lucky you 🙂

  3. Congratulations on going back to study, I did the same thing with two little boys and then ten years later as a single mum with four children. It makes you feel young and alive when you learn things.

  4. Alec says:

    I’ve never finished off college although I may consider going back. I think that going back to college can be smart move for just about anyone as long as they have a specific path in mind. In my eyes, this is very important when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck and time dedicated to education.
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  5. Akasse says:

    Yup you have taken a good decision going back to school and studding is a good thing. It will all ways pay in future. Now you can work and learn also it is good thing to do. I like my school days very much it was so fun in the school

  6. CFD Trade says:

    Now, that explains why I haven’t been reading updates of this blogsite. I really love to read your articles. It is nice to chance upon this article again. It is nice that you are back in school again. Learning keeps me young. I hope it does for you as well.

  7. I’m heading back to school for something to do, i’m already in my career but i think it would be fun to go back and learn some new stuff. not sure what major yet.

  8. 🙂 school at home is the best for moms. Please keep us updated on your study progress..
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  9. utah movers says:

    Good luck! I hope going back to school helps you find the career you want!

  10. wise decision. been thinking about doing exactly the same myself. good luck!

  11. April says:

    Learning makes the brain feel young.It is never too late to get an education or to finish college.Great post!!!
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  12. Mechsoft says:

    I think it’s worth it.

  13. I hate school! Happy it´s over for me…
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  14. AmyS says:

    It sounds like you are very busy! Good luck with your studies.

  15. Francis says:

    Yes I definitely have. But me it’s because I never graduated in the first place. There was too much going on at the time. Although, I have quite able to make a good living without, I really want to go back, just to have the degree and therefore more opportunities!
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  16. Knowswhy says:

    We all learn by experience but some of us have to go to summer school. ~
    Peter De Vries
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  17. LISA TORRES says:

    I’d never been to college and had worked my way up through the company. I had no other experience besides that job, and decided to go to college.

  18. Sam says:

    Goodness from your article you must have your hands full. Something I have always thought about with 2 young children.

    I would love to broaden my skills a little more to give me more opportunities.
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  19. I think it’ll be worth it in the long run…

  20. Online classes definitely require more work that you’d initially think… who knew going to class would be the simpler of the two? Best of luck with everything!

  21. humphreybogart says:

    I am in the process of applying to graduate school, I took the GRE’s in December and I am taking a subject test in April. The studying is a bit stressful but I know the payoff will be great, I currently work as a freelance writer in New York City, NYCrentals, I think you have a great blog, thanks for the post!

  22. After the birth of our son I took the opportunity during parental leave to complete my BA online. I am happy to report I now work online for myself allowing me the opportunity to make my own schedule and spend more time with the kids. In my previous job I did not know from week to week what my schedule would be. This made it very difficult to spend time with the kids or attend their sporting events. Not to mention how difficult it was on my wife having to take on that responsibility herself for the most part.

    My wife is a middle school teacher and her schedule matches our kids to a tee. And with my current work situation we now enjoy spending additional time together as a family.

    Just this past March break we spent 2 weeks in Florida as a family. It was great to be able to do this without the worry of asking for time off that may or may not be approved, and we were able to book the time that worked best for us all.

    Even though the weather was not all that great we had an excellent vacation. And the kids absolutely loved all the theme parks.

  23. Josh Boxer says:

    I went to 6 years of school to get a 4 year degree. I would never go back to school as the school of hard knox is where the best educations are received. Post graduate studies these days guarantee a whole lot of school debt but never a better paying job. That’s the big myth. Unless your going back to school for a specific area of study, i.e. law, medicine or computer science, I don’t see the value.
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  24. I highly recommend online classes for people who are self-motivated and are able to focus. I personally have a hard time getting down to business outside a classroom, but being able to balance work and an education is the only way I could afford it.

  25. It’s always smart to go the community college route. The learning and the degree are just as strong as any other school but at a lower price.
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  26. It’s a good thing studying while earning it will only benefit you always but think of it as a sideline, focus more on your studies.

  27. PLR says:

    You never stop being a student… remember that

  28. Congratulations on going back to study, I did the same thing with two little boys and then ten years later as a single mum with four children. It makes you feel young and alive when you learn things.

  29. Why says:

    Hi there Theda,

    How are studies coming along? I’ve been through the same before… Just keep on keeping on!

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  30. flagpoles says:

    Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

  31. Hooray for you! Congratulation on finally making the effort to get back in school. I’m sure you’ll find it very rewarding, as I’m a huge supporter of higher education. Thank you for sharing your story and good luck to you.

  32. HRMS says:

    I fully support with that online classes and programs very much helpful to who want to study in their houses.they may complete their courses from online.thanks for providing useful information.
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  33. Congratulations on gong back! I did the same thing 5 years ago, returning to community college. I eventually transferred to a four-year school, and it’s all been such a great experience for me! I’m set to graduate this coming spring. Anyway, I agree that online classes can be harder than most people think, but it will certainly be worth it in the end! Again, congrats on your decision to go back! 🙂
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  34. Hope all is going well with your back to school decision. I went back to school also after starting to work from home, but have had to put it on hold as I ended up with too much work. Which is a good thing for now but could be a problem in the future