Google Voice for freelancers

Thanks to a good friend of mine I recently found out about Google Voice. And am I ever so glad I did!

Google Voice is a freelancer’s dream.

Here’s how it works. You choose a phone number you like. I chose one that’s local to my current home.

Say you don’t have long distance at home, like I don’t. But your cellphone reception is poor in your home, like mine is. If you’re online with your computer, type in the phone number you want to call. Like magic, your landline home phone rings! You pick it up, and your call is connected (for free) to the number you typed in.

Not in front of your computer? No problem. Pick up your landline and dial your Google Voice number. You’ll get an option to place a call. Anywhere in the U.S. and it’s free!

Even better, give your new Google Voice number to anyone, like clients. When they call you, you can set it up so that both your home and cellphone ring. So you’ll never miss an important client call, unless you want to. And they’ll have a professional, local number to call, and you can answer it wherever you are. If you’re staying out of town for a week, you can set it to ring the phone wherever you happen to be residing.

I also like that you can block certain numbers, and you can even set it to make the caller give their name first. If you want, you can send them to voicemail (and even listen to their voice message as they’re leaving it).

Anyway, I think it’s cool, and I like not having to give out my real number to people. Their caller ID shows my Google Voice number as well. And if I ever need to make a change then poof! No one has my real numbers anymore. But call blocking should take care of any annoyances too.

The only drawback is that you have to request an invitation from Google Voice, and then you have to wait patiently (I waited about a month) for your invitation. I have no idea how many they’re giving out, or if it’ll always be free. But for now it is, so head on over and put in your request. But choose your number wisely. It costs $10 to change it later. You can enter a word you’d like your number to correspond to, or search through for certain numbers in a sequence.

One more perk…If you have an Android cellphone (like I do), you can automatically make all of your outgoing cellphone calls using Google Voice. So your cellphone number is still protected from folks, and if you’re calling local clients they still get that local number.

Do you have Google Voice? Let us know if you do, or if you plan to get it soon.

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  1. Learn-er says:

    too bad google voice only works for US no’s only, for other countries we have to wait.

  2. This seems too good to be true. I’m going to check it out now.
    .-= Dave@UK Mountain Bike Routes´s last blog ..How To Get a Free PS3 =-.

  3. Vege says:

    This is good news for U.S. citizen but not for the other countries. As Learn-er says too bad.
    But hoping they will let other countries to try this useful tool. Thanks for the info.
    .-= Vege´s last blog ..Wegetarianski deser: nalesniki z serem i malinami =-.

  4. Is this for US only? Too bad. I thought its global.
    .-= Jeweller Online´s last blog ..Create Your Own Ring =-.

  5. Google Voice doe sound like a great service. It sounds even better as long as it stays free.

    My main question, though, is what does Google get out of it? After, Google is a corporation. There’s bound to be some kind of profit angle. Although, they sometimes wait years before they monetize.

    Still, it’s a great idea.
    .-= Keith@Norman Rockwell Art´s last blog ..Oct 26, Norman Rockwell Museum: Making Vacations Memorable =-.

  6. Got to know google has a new feature readily available for us freelancers. And still hoping not to roll out that filthy sandbox.
    .-= – Debt Relief´s last blog ..Debt Settlement =-.

  7. This is cool innovation! I’ll wait till I can use this to call my relatives in the Philippines!

  8. Nathan says:

    How long did it take you to get approved for a phone number?

  9. Wow, this is the first I have heard of this. It sounds amazing. There is no major draw backs to this? Go, go, Gooogle!
    .-= American Idiot´s last blog ..Yay for family … … =-.

  10. Victor says:

    This is good news for U.S. citizen but not for the other countries. As Learn-er says too bad. Thanks for sharing a good post.
    .-= Victor´s last blog ..Top Five Reasons: People Succeed to Make Money Online =-.

  11. I really like Skype and see no reason to change for the time being, I’ve been very impressed with the sound quality. I’ve been using it for about 6 months and have absolutely no complaints!

  12. wow, I had no idea about this, thanks!

  13. Freshers Job says:

    Thanks for the information, but i am disappointed that it works only for US numbers. Could you please let me know when will this be available for other countries.
    .-= Freshers Job´s last blog ..THIS DECEMBER IS FULL OF MOVIES =-.

  14. wow, this is really good stuff, can anyone tell me if there’s anyway to make this work outside the US?
    .-= Sport Lisboa Benfica´s last blog ..UEFA – Europa League: Benfica is already in Byelorussia =-.

  15. tom says:

    great service from google but i cannot use it because i’m outside america
    .-= tom´s last blog ..stylish nails =-.

  16. batteries says:

    As a freelancer, I don’t have an office, or employees, or all the extra stuff that one might have as a business. I have a group of subcontractors I can call. This of course makes it harder to separate personal and professional life, especially if I’m giving people my cell phone number as a means of contact. That has changed with Google Voice. I strongly recommend it if you’re looking for a free alternative to a business line, or even your personal line, now that they support your current number.

  17. FrankWM says:

    I use it too! Works great.

  18. ppo says:

    I have google voice and i really like it for the flexibility and the longevity factor. 10 year from now you may move to a new location, but your google voice number will be still current
    .-= ppo´s last blog ..PPO Insurance and Plans and deductibles =-.

  19. Steve Media says:

    My uncle recently told me I should look into google voice for it’s phone number features, but I had no idea you could setup a call and have google call your home phone with it, or have it go to your home and cell – that is awesome! I am on this today!
    .-= Steve Media´s last blog ..New online community and local search for TN =-.

  20. Sara says:

    The feature I like most about Google voice is the ability to create additional phone numbers to be used with your cellular phone. This has come in handy for me on many occasions.

  21. I wasn’t aware that Google Voice was now available to the masses, unlike Google Wave. Peace.

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