Am I a Guru?


One of my favorite ways to find writing gigs is through freelance job blogs. I recently applied for a job, and it turns out the client uses to correspond with and pay their freelancers. I’d heard of before, but a lot of writers say that with the bidding, pay gets watered down. So I never looked into it.

The gig I was applying for sounded cool, so I went on over to to sign up (for free). Now that I’m there I’ll go ahead and fill out my profile and see if I can land some gigs this way too.

The more, the merrier. I’m beginning to realize that even though my goal is to work one-on-one with businesses that value writers (and are willing to pay accordingly), making no money is a quick way to get discouraged. “Right now” money takes the edge off.

Have you joined any bidding sites like Share your experiences with us.

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  1. flowers says:

    Thanks for the information, I;ve not joined any site yet, but I think I have to do that

  2. David says:

    Interesting, actually never heard of them. Only Ezine and Go but that´s a little different.

  3. Yes, with all the excellent free content available on the net, it is difficult for a freelancer to be paid, unless he or she has a personal edge.

    For example, right out of college, Henry Blodget, now a writer for Yahoo and several others, was able to obtain a paying position with a high powered New York magazine (We want to say Harpers).

    Then came millions on Wall Street, after Henry took the same course hundreds of thousands of young people take to obtain a trader’s license, and never get close to a Wall Street offer.

    Now Henry has published a book. The book is quite insightful actually. Has a repentant flavor.

    We wish you the very best luck possible, Theda.

    We will keep our eye out for opportunities for you also.

    We know of several opportunities that pay zero, but then that’s just not a way to make a living is it.

    Perhaps we need to collectively ask Henry Blodget for help. In his repentant stage, it is possible Henry is itching to help several unknowns get ahead, instead of keeping all those opportunities in the family.

    Why don’t we ask him.
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  4. humidifiers says:

    I’ve heard of Guru before. It is a great way to get a gig, and get the word about you!

  5. My favorite site for work at the moment is odesk. Projects are paid at $x per hour – you set the hourly rate you’re willing to work for. You can apply for some projects at a fixed price.

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