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Blogging is something I enjoy, especially when I get to hear feedback from my readers.

But as a blogger, when you’re not sure what to write about, it makes sense to find out who your readers are.

First, let me remind you about who I am: mother, freelance business writer, business owner, blogger, wannabe computer geek, and social networker. I’ve been juggling and struggling with being the single mother of a now four-year-old girl while trying to have a successful freelance writing business. I’ve stopped my dream while working at part-time and full-time jobs, I’ve been a stay-at-home/work-at-home mother, and who knows what’ll happen next.

Now it’s your turn! In the comments, tell me a bit about who you are. Besides telling me who you are, let me know why you read my blog, how you found me, and how often you visit.

I’d like to get to know my readers so you know the other readers you’re talking with, and so I can get a better idea of what you might like to read when you visit Crayon Writer.

And if you’re a blogger or Twitterer too, feel free to leave a link to your blog and/or Twitter username. You might make a few friends while you’re here too!

So introduce yourself and talk amongst yourselves. And welcome (back)!

11 Responses to “Introductions – Meeting your readers”

  1. Erica says:


    I’ve been reading on/off for a while. I always read via RSS.

    I like to read as your posts make me think about my own future.

    Tweeting at @Erica
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Thoughts on After School Clubs + Video =-.

    • Theda K. says:

      Hi Erica, I remember you! And you’re still in my blogroll. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll add you on Twitter (and catch up with your blog posts).

  2. Triphow Ling says:

    Well, I think you already know a fair bit bout me, so we’ll leave it at that. I read your blog because I’ll read anything you write. 🙂
    I don’t remember how I found you, and I visit whenever I can remember.

    P.S.:- I visit other blogs too, but this one here is more pleasure than biz.

    • Theda K. says:

      Hi Ling! Thanks for reading anything I write. You know I look forward to your comment every time I write a post.

      You visit other blogs too? I thought I was the only one. 🙂

      • Triphow Ling says:

        Uh-Oh! Now your blog’s all worked up? WordPress blogs sure are cranky nowadays. You tell your blog to read the P.S. carefully, and this time focus on the part after the comma.

  3. Patricia says:

    You’ve been one of my favorites for quite a while. I like the look of your blog and the nice, practical advice you give.
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Post Update =-.

  4. I found your blog aither through googling or through a link, I don’t exactly remember. I read you from time to tme because started to write for a local magazine (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and I am interesting in how other people do it 🙂 I am divorsed and have two kids – 10 and 13 year old boys :)))
    .-= Aneliya Karim´s last blog ..Astana cola & Air Astana =-.

  5. Eren Mckay says:

    Hi Theda,
    I’m a mother to 3 boys and have always decided to stay at home near them for when they need me.
    I like to read your blog because sometimes I get writer’s block and need to read what other writers do.
    I’m also a blogger and I like the fact that you share the difficulties you go through common to my life as a blogger too.
    I think I felt identified to you because I saw your picture.
    All the best,
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Teaching kids sun safety coloring sheets activities & worksheets =-.

  6. One other windfall from interaction with your readers is how it helps you build up your own editorial policy and writing guidelines. I’ve learned that consistency is key in polishing my writign skills. I wanted to make sure I documented even the most nuanced issues like whether to use contractions, ellipses, exclamation points, etc., or when to write in first, second and third person.

  7. Hi,

    I am new to your blog. Your blog was just refereed to me by a friend. And I thank my friend for sharing your blog to me. I found your entries very amusing and interesting. I too have been having problems on what to post my blog. that sometimes I can’t make a new post for 3 months or more. After reading your entry here, now I know on what to do. Thanks for sharing

  8. New to your Blog. Looks interesting, added you to my twitter list neatpeeps and followed you. Noticed a fellow SSWT’r beat me here( Hi Eren)
    .-= Robert Nelson´s last blog ..Favorite Non-Profit =-.

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