Do You Backup Your Blog?


A few days ago I decided to upgrade Crayon Writer to WordPress 2.8. No problem, right?

Well something went drastically wrong, and in an attempt to “fix” things, I lost my entire blog! Every post, every comment, every page. Two years’ worth of blogging were gone in a flash.

Amazingly, I didn’t panic. A blog is nothing in the larger scheme of things (Michael Jackson died the day before I lost the blog, and my little corner of the blogosphere pales in comparison to the death of such a wonderful human being). But it still hurt to lose it.

Luckily I had done a backup before the installation using my host’s (AN Hosting) backup wizard on the Cpanel. Not that I knew what I was doing. I still needed a ton of help from them to do a recovery.

Just in case that didn’t work, I found out that my mother keeps every post I write (she’s subscribed to my blog…are you?) so I could’ve re-written my whole blog if necessary.

As you can see, things are back up. I lost some plugins and a recent post (which I just re-posted), and I lost my entire theme (it was time for a new one anyway…what do you think of the new theme?) But it was a harrowing and eye-opening experience.

My plan now is to learn how to do a backup to my own computer or a disk, and then I’ll learn how to recover said backup. And I’ll try to keep my hands out of the Cpanel (or at least not click anything that has a pop-up that says, “Warning”). And I will not click anything that says, “Remove” or “Delete” unless I know for sure what’s really going to happen.

What’s the best method to backup a blog, though? In my case, the Cpanel saved the MySql database, but I had no clue how to use that for a recovery. I’ve heard of a WordPress Plugin for backing up, but I’ve also read suggestions that you should do your own backups with an FTP client. Then you can setup a domain that’s just for testing your recovery skills. I’ll admit, though, that I’m a little confused about the whole thing.

Do you backup your blog? How often, and what method do you use? Do you know how to do a recovery, or will your web host help you out?

12 Responses to “Do You Backup Your Blog?”

  1. pusserboots says:

    Yes, I have a backup. I write all my posts locally (on my machine) and then publish them. So even if something happens to the server I can just republish the whole kit and kaboodle via FTP if something happens.

  2. Andy says:

    Sorry to hear what had happen, My also friend also have the same experience, but i advice her at that time that if she is really certain about it she need to copy her post, or she could at least take only the important article that she have, I normally don’t back up my blog, but if i need to do major changes that the time i do it…

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  4. There’s a plugin called wordpress database plugin which backs up your whole blog.
    I also have everything downloaded from my FTP client into a Text editor.
    The best things is to have several backups so we don’t lose all the work we’ve done.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay

  5. Wow that can certainly be a really upsetting and frustrating experience. I have actually never backed up my blog yet, but now I realize I should definitely figure out how to do that. Luckily, I upgraded to WP 2.8 with no problems so I must have gotten lucky on that one!

  6. Oh my, it’s totally scary when things like that happen. I’m really happy it worked out for you. How great that you were able to keep it in perspective too!
    .-= april @ cures for insomnia´s last blog ..More Things That Keep You Up =-.

  7. Yes, we should go for back up, before we do something essentials, Thanks for this very important post for bloggers.

  8. Triphow Ling says:

    Well, on a positive note, blog looks much better now. And since you didn’t lose anything, it’s all good.

    Keeping multiple backups in different places helps, but might be a bit of an overkill for a blog. I’d say you just be careful of what you do, and cross-check with your host about backups.

    • Theda K. says:

      Thanks Ling, I like this theme much better too. I figure I’ll just do a backup the same way I did before (since my host can recover it), and I might do it once a month or two.

  9. I sympathise. My whole computer crashed recently – not backed up properly. Lost a lot. Not recoverable. I am more aware now and back up my sites more frequently.

  10. I have a backup, since I had troubles in the past.
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  11. I have to admit that I don’t backup as much as I should, and I am relying on the backup services of my hosting provider. Informative article.