Writing on the go

Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t fit in writing, especially if you take advantage of modern technology.

I just got a new cellphone with a keypad, internet, and all sorts of cool features, so I can quickly type out blog topic or even a blog post while I’m out and about. When an idea pops into my head, of course I can write it on a piece of paper or in a notebook, but that hasn’t worked for me.

So now I’ll be writing my quick ideas on my phone. If I have enough time, I’ll even login to my blog and write a whole post while mobile!

Have you used your mobile device to keep your writing “on” even when you’re out and about?

30 Responses to “Writing on the go”

  1. Purchasing a Blackberry has been one of the greatest investments I have ever made. My productivity has increased at least 50% because I have to travel so much throughout the city and can’t be tied down to a computer. The full keyboard and the ability to post thing to the internet have now become necessities in my life.

  2. So far, I have just not gotten into the mobile computing thing. Except for a laptop, of course. I would rather like time away from the computer actually be time away from the computer, and when I have computing to do, do it on a real computer not a tiny mobile device.

  3. Ira says:

    wow you have to love mobile devices, NO !!! you have to love technology it is a wonderful thing

    keep up the good work

  4. Sally says:

    Thats great that your new cellphone has that ability, mine won’t even let me text without freezing the screen. I think its time for an upgrade.

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  5. Evelyn says:

    I use my Palm Treo to take down notes when inspiration strikes while I’m away from my computer. Good stuff. 😉

    Evelyn’s last blog post..Productivity Tips for Writers

  6. Don’t you just love technology, and how everything is becoming connected.

    Being able to take a photo with my phone and then email in real time to my family is invaluable.

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  7. I use only paper blocks… I’m old fashion yet!

    Felipe – Kitchen Cookware’s last blog post..Perfect eggs with this egg cooker

  8. I always write a few blog posts in advance and then just publish them if I know I am going away for a few days.

    Tom – Home Business Marketing Tips’s last blog post..Passing Your Home Business On To Your Kids

  9. mtb says:

    I always use my BB to email myself comments and ideas that i think about while I am on the train. I usually end up flooding my inbox but at least my ideas are all in one place.

  10. Also I like to hear audio books while moving. But the most wonderful thing is laptop or notebook!

  11. Triphow Ling says:

    Twitter has ruined serious blogging. Before, people could eat at a restaurant and write about it in detail, when they got home. Now, they just bang out a few words on twitter, and you’re done.

    And this mobile internet is what is responsible for this. But it is useful, for emergencies, and such like. Demi Moore saved a woman’s life on twitter yesterday, so it’s not all bad…

  12. hey..this seems interesting ..
    Have been planning to buy a nokia e 71 for myself.. will do that asap now and get going !
    interesting blog btw

  13. My buddy, who’s a former truck driver who always claimed to be “technologically challenged,” just bought a Blackberry and has seemed to master it in no time. It seems very easy, useful and fun. I think I might get one.

  14. Martha says:

    I use my cellphone for noting something interesting when I am out. But when just sitting indoors, I still prefer paper and pen when an idea suddenly pop-out.

    Martha’s last blog post..World Digital Library, Soon To Be Launched

  15. I’m currently deciding between two options – buying an advanced cell phone and a normal laptop or simply buying a combo of them both – a netbook. First option is more expensive but I think it probably also a lot more useful in a long run..

  16. web design says:

    That’s great that your new cell phone has a lot of facility. It is a wonderful thing for me if I get that mobile. lol 🙂

  17. MS Secretary says:

    My iphone is perfect for this! The key is it’s fun to use. A piece of paper and pencil are kind of boring and sometimes get lost. I never leave my phone at home!

    MS Secretary’s last blog post..Interview Questions for School Secretary

  18. Nice gadget you have there. What is the model?

  19. write ebooks says:

    Nice outlook and its features are similar to palm treo.

  20. I am using my e90 for keeping connected myself with internet and it works pretty fine for me. Looking forward for some better solution when it comes on keeping connected with friends on internet.

  21. Kirk says:

    neat gadget… i don’t know why but i kinda got stuck to using a cellphone just to make calls… and do my writing on the computer… when im out though, i resort to the ol’ pen and paper… 🙂

  22. Its so funny…my one friend can’t stop writing on his blackberry. People are texting him 24/7. When is it going to end..

  23. Just don’t do it while you are driving like I see some people doing.
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  24. Data enabled mobile device is a great help for blogging anytime.

  25. I am a gadget freak and I really love this idea of buying a new phone and we can then write our ideas and thoughts easily. But why cant we stick with paper and pen? infact we need to have them in our pockets for immediate purposes. How about if your phone got drain?

  26. Amega says:

    Just don’t write and go while your driving:)
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  27. Amega Global says:

    I personally don’t type on my mobile too much when I’m out… I do love blogging though & it’s pretty much taken place of any handwritten journals I used to keep…. oh how times change!
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  28. JoyceH says:

    I also prefer writing on my notebook. It also helps me practice my handwriting which is getting lousy.

  29. Have your thought of including some social bookmark buttons to your web site site? At the least add one for Digg so we are able to digg you up!

  30. laptop says:

    I will never replace my notebook with a smartphone, maybe a tablet with 3G insite.

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