Time to rearrange

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Brady Bunch fans might remember that old song…something about changing and growing up.

In my case, I finally realized one reason I’m not as productive as I’d like to be. My laptop was kept right in front of the couch, in the living room, in full sight of the TV.

Besides the obvious TV distraction, the couch is too comfortable, the laptop too far away (can’t keep it on my lap and I didn’t have a decent table), and my daughter constantly wants my attention when we’re in the same room.

Yesterday I finally moved the laptop to my makeshift office, which is also my daughter’s playroom. It’s housed on a real desk, with a real office chair I was given, and it faces the wall. No more distractions, unless, of course, my daughter is home and needs me.

I even plugged in my Skype headset and made some cold calls (part of my action plan).

Have you moved your office equipment to a place that’s more conducive to work? Did it work for you? Share your ideas!

7 Responses to “Time to rearrange”

  1. Jill Hin says:

    what is this freelance folder could you please explain.

  2. Absolutely Theda. I work from home but in an office all day long. When I think I’ll set up my laptop and watch TV I get nothing done. Sounds glamorous to put your feet up and be casual but it doesn’t amount to production.

  3. Nutri says:

    Ha ha, I am actually sitting in front of the TV with the Colbert Report on…… I guess I am probably not being as productive as I should be!

    I like the idea of creating a separate workspace.

  4. Money Bush says:

    I never watched the brady bunch much.

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  5. Triphow Ling says:

    Well, I moved my stuff from an office to a home office – well, more like a table in my bedroom. I’m sleeping a lot more than I used to…

  6. Julia Mason says:

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  7. Eli Ally says:

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