Web hosting revealed

When the internet started, I’m sure more than a few of us thought it would be a passing phase. Or at least something that most people would never need.

Well, as we all know now, the internet is here to stay. It’s now crucial to many aspects of our lives, especially if we’re looking for side income.

Serious bloggers and business owners must have their own websites, so now it’s just a matter of choosing the right web hosting company. Whew! What a daunting task, with hosting companies popping up left and right.

I just found a cool website, Web Hosting Geeks, that offers side-by-side comparisons for various hosting companies, as well as customer reviews. Their site also offers lots of information, including links to relevant articles about web hosting. If you’re considering switching companies, starting a new site on with a new host, or you’re just interested in keeping up with what’s out there, check it out.

Do you have multiple blogs or websites? How do you keep up with the latest companies?

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  1. JL says:

    Thanks for the headsup on Web Hosting Geeks. I’ve been dreading and putting off shopping for a new host for too long. With so many to choose from, I chose to do nothing. Guess I have no more excuse. Thanks again.

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    • Josh says:

      You should consider Hostgator they’re extremely professional, and allow 10 day grace on payments. Or if you need more control than what shared hosting providers try a VPS, plenty listed at my site.

  2. Triphow Ling says:

    Nice site. I guess it basically depends on what your hosting requirements are. So many companies, you can afford to choose the one which best fulfills yoru needs. The one thing i’d advise would be not to look at the cost, but at the service and services.

  3. From my experience media temple offer a very good price and the admin panel and staff are excellent.

    I will check out the site you recommend but usually what you pay for is what you get.

  4. I just started using Bluehost for a blog… they seem OK so far. I haven’t had any of the problems that I’ve read about from others.

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  5. Holly says:

    I remember when my father bought the first in-home computer for us. For about a week before Christmas he kept telling me that I would no longer need my Encyclopedias and I started crying like he just told me he was planning on bringing me out to the dessert and leaving me there for dead. Even after I opened the computer, I was all “What is this and why are you insisting on taking my books away?” It was hilarious, looking back on it. Who knew the internet was going to turn into even a way some people lead their entire lives?

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  6. bartolomo says:

    I have been very happy with HostGator. (I have no affil. with them). The thing I look for in a hosting company is support. When things go wrong, it’s nice to be able to talk to a PERSON and quickly remedy the problem. HG is great about this. Thanks for the list.

  7. Taylor says:


    Great post; short, well written and to the point. Specially the web host comparison part is great. This link is very useful. Thanks once again for a nice post 🙂

  8. Mia says:

    I’ve been building my blogs with blogger but do need to switch to my own hosting soon. I bookmarked the site.

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  9. Machelle says:

    I agree, you have to determine what your needs are when shopping around for a web hosting plan. I chose bluehost because I new in time I plan multiple web-sites. With blueh ost you get unlimited web-hosting YEAH!! They have been great. When I was researching online I found some negative feeback on them but I can honestly say I am impressed up to this point.

    Good Luck – Machelle@cheapfamilymeals.info

  10. I’ve always used hostgator and have several blogs hosted with them. I never have had any trouble with them, yet. I have heard a few horror stories about them though.

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  11. thanks for sharing this advise! more power theda! 🙂

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  12. Thanks for the details. Looking forward to many such writeups.

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  13. Alex Sysoef says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    I can’t agree more on point of getting good host! While our choices might differ – having a options to compare should provide enough details for people to make decision that is right for them.

    Blog success greatly depends on dependable and solid host. Thanks for sharing

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  14. There’s lots of great hosting offers out there.

    The cost of hardware today is so cheap and the hosting companies are really in competition between each other

  15. Jill Hin says:

    Informative blog about web hosting and its comparison is also very good short and simple.

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