Moving Day!

Well, today was moving day.

It’s funny how easy it looks like it’ll be…until you start moving. It’s really a traumatic experience.

My daughter is a little unnerved too. I took her to the new apartment beforehand, she watched me pack (and helped a little), she saw the movers start taking boxes, she saw the old apartment with no furniture, and now she’s seen the new place with our stuff. But she’s a little sad, and wants to go see her grandparents for more familiarity (I suppose).

We’re in for a rough night I think.

To top it all off, I won’t have regular Internet access for several days, so I feel off kilter too.

Now it’s time to unpack it all. Ugh! I’m not looking forward to it.

Have you ever moved with small children? Was it hard on them?

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  1. TrishaJ says:

    Hi. I have two daughters and they have been moving since the oldest was 2 and the youngest was 2 months old. In all, we’ve moved seven times in their lifetime. Kids adjust fast, much faster than you think. It’s scary at first because it’s a new and unfamiliar home, neighborhood, and school, but they make friends and explore and then they’re fine before you know it.

    Good luck. 🙂

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  2. Angela WD says:

    Ugh, moving is hard! I hope you’re able to settle in soon. Your new place sounds wonderful.

  3. space code says:

    I agree, moving is hard. I’ve moved in 3 different states when I was a teenager. its hard at first but gets better after a while

  4. rakeback says:

    Moving from an old to a new place is hard, especially if you have kids. I mean the kids seem to have more attachment with the place than us.

    Take care.

  5. zo hai says:

    Don’t worry. Kids adapt very quickly. =) They will need a few days to get used to it that’s all. Do update us on how they are holding up though.

  6. spandex says:

    Give you 2 tips from my moving house experience.
    1. no need to unpack things that unnecessary or not in emergency to use. wait until we need them.
    2. Just go to bed on the first day because we will have more energy to settle the mess on the second day

  7. sHaE-sHaE says:

    Yes, I’ve moved with small children and mine were excited about the change. I was the one with anxiety. I thought they would cry or be underneath the movers’ feet, but they had a ball running through the empty rooms. Not sure if that’s the norm, but it went over without much incident (thank goodnes!)

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  8. Yes I moved about a month ago. The worst part has been the troubles with our new phone number. Apparently the very popular person that had this number before us did not tell their many friends that they moved or got a new #. We are about to give up and request a new one. I hope you have better luck then we did with verizon!

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  9. child safety says:

    Moving out is really really hard and I hate it so much. My husband and I moved out three weeks ago in our new apartment, and seeing a lot of our stuff to bring with us makes me feel sick. Glad that we don’t have kids yet.

  10. Car Tuning says:

    Hi, Dont worry kids will adjust to the new environment but it depends on u, u should make them feel free with the neighbours.Explore the new things and make them to explore to new world !! take care of them.Good days

  11. car tuning says:

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  12. rakeback says:

    im moving these days too. hate it. packing and crap..BRRRRR

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