Freelancing for (almost) free

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Is it ever a good idea to work for free, or close to it?

I just took on a project the past week that really took a lot of time, but there might be some benefit for all of my hard work.

  1. One thing I got out of it is a stronger desire to charge what my time is worth.
  2. I also dabbled a bit in a new program, In Design, so I learned something new.
  3. I worked on a souvenir booklet for a non-profit, service-oriented group, so maybe I did some good in the world too.
  4. Just in case, I also made sure the ad I bought for my business was placed in a prominent spot, so maybe I’ll get new business that way.

Time will tell. So, is working for pennies ever worth it? Maybe. Just be sure you have the time, and settle your feelings before taking on the project.

4 Responses to “Freelancing for (almost) free”

  1. I don’t recommend writers work for little or nothing for a profit-making business, but there are good reasons to do for nonprofits. It can give your business exposure, give you clips to use for other queries, and benefit a worthy cause you support.

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  2. Geschenk says:

    I like my work as a freelancer..but you need to manage your time well.

    Nice if you are a good writer..You can earn a bit money by writing articles for blogs or even content for other websites.

  3. Golfspiel says:

    Freelancing is cool cause you can stay @home. But its still a lot work if you want sucess. Can i have an apple?

  4. Ninah says:

    I wrote articles for clients for two years and I wasn’t paid much. It took me a lot of courage to try to break free and be my own master.

    But I suppose I wouldn’t mind working for very little for a non-profit org with a good cause

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