Yoga for your eyes?

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I use the computer a lot, as many of you probably do too. We all know that we need to exercise our bodies to stay healthy, but what about our eyes?

I found this cool site that offers a lot of tips to exercise your eyes, and possibly improve your eyesight. My daughter, at not yet 3, is already wearing glasses, but I wonder if trying eye yoga might help her out.

Here are some quick exercises you can try before you even go read the site:

1. When you’re using the computer, make an effort to blink more often. Staring at the computer is a strain on the eyes.

2. Gently close your eyes and roll the eyeballs around for about 60 seconds.

3. Squeeze your eyes shut for about 5 seconds, then open them. Do this exercise several times in a row.

Feel better yet?

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  1. Groove Momma says:

    Thanks for the tips and link. I’ve been on the computer a lot more the last few weeks, so I’m now feeling it in the eyes!

    Groove Momma’s last blog post..15 Minutes a Day

  2. Triphow Ling says:

    Ok…But do you have any idea how ridiculous you would look if someone were watching you perform your pts. 1, 2 & 3? They’d probably call 911. 🙂

    Triphow Ling’s last blog post..Robert DeNiro Opens Greenwich Hotel New York

  3. Great set of tips! I wear hard contact lenses so the eyeball-rolling is a bit uncomfortable, but I’ll keep the others in mind.

    Catherine @ Sharp Words’s last blog post..4×4 inspirations for writing

  4. Great exercises. Will keep them in mind. Thank you!

    Another one I find useful and learned is to look out of the window–or at another spot in the room–for one or two seconds several times during the day.

    They tell it’s what the referees do in order to train their eyes and keep them sharp. 🙂


    Marcus Hochstadt’s last blog post..SundayTV

  5. I also stay to much time at computer but I take some brakes and my eyes don’t hurt like in other times.

  6. Angela says:

    Great tips, thank you! I work from home so I don’t have to worry about looking odd to anyone. However I do feel some eyestrain.

    Angela’s last blog post..Novel Synopsis Help Roundup

  7. erp says:

    im feeling way better now . great exercise ! thanks for sharing this useful thingy …. it helps alots huhuhuhuhu (:

  8. cohnsey says:

    Have you tried computer glasses? they have helped reduce my eye strain.

  9. Erp says:

    Hey!Great post!I’m using computer so frequent..It makes me dizzy and my eyes were tired…Thankful you’ve supply me a great link for eye yoga!Thanks a lot!

  10. Great advices indeed. We are sometimes so bound to using our computers without a break, that we do not pay any attention to the amount of strain we put our eyes to. In addition to these excellent tips I am gonna try, I also practice taking a break and meditating for some time, as this also eases the pressure on the eyes.

  11. Matt says:

    Those are all very good tips. Any tips for an aching back?

    Matt’s last blog post..Multiple Time Zones In Vista

  12. With all the emphasis on exercising just about every other part of our bodies, I found your three tips to be extremely useful. Thanks. 🙂

  13. We’re certainly all creatures of habits and I can honestly say I’ve never given a moment of thought about exercising my eyes. Thanks!

  14. TMinut says:

    I just posted about doing experiments to improve vision in our house! I’d read about this long ago but I would love to hear from someone who actually saw improvement. Only thing I’m worried about is slow and steady progress, I can’t buy a new pair of glasses for each of us every couple of months but none of us can go without’s worth it though if it works!

    TMinut’s last blog post..When You’re Tired of Needing So Many Rules

  15. Monavie says:

    I’ve actually had to go get glasses to wear in front of the computer because my contacts were having a hard time. Maybe it was just my eyes. I’ll have to cut them some slack! Thanks for the exercises they helped.

  16. Yoga Terms says:

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  17. Herbal says:

    Yoga is a complete system for the human being development and I am not surprised about the effectiveness of these eye therapies

  18. Paul Kelly says:

    Good advice, I’ve also found that working in a well lit room can reduce eyestrain, and of course, taking regular breaks to look at distant objects can work wonders.
    Paul Kelly´s last blog post ..Cure Nearsightedness – the answer is in sight!

  19. Sêvananda says:

    I also use the computer daily for several consecutive hours and it seems to me that these exercises can help alleviate the consequences of excess. I landed here while searching on Yoga and ended up finding something even more useful for me personally ..

    Thank you!
    Sêvananda´s last blog post ..Yoga – A dieta da Madonna

  20. I spent a lot of time in front of my computer. I didnt realise that you can do an aye exersises to slow down the negative effect. Thank you for your advice. deffinitely will do

  21. Lu says:

    Haven’t heard about eye yoga before but I should probably try it! I’ve had problems with my eyes because I use pc heavily at work, so I will be definitely looking into this! Thanks for sharing!

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