Time to stay on task


Over the years I haven’t owned a watch because I never really pay much attention to time. I get up when the sun (or my daughter) wakes me up, and I kind of just know what time it is.

But if I were to finally get a watch, I’d definitely be sure it includes a stopwatch feature. With constant interruptions from my daughter, I need to be able to literally stop time so I can accurately time a business event (versus getting up and changing a diaper).

Why is it important for freelancers, or any business owner, to properly keep track of their time?

Whenever you take on a project, even if it’s work done for your own business (like accounting, marketing, or even brainstorming), it’s crucial that you know how long it’s taking you.

When you do work for a client, keeping track of how long it takes for each task will help you price future projects more accurately. Be sure to include time spent on the actual writing. But you also have to take into account researching, editing, talking to the client, and more.

Keeping track of time spent on your own business should be accounted for also. This way you can see more clearly how much time it really takes to run your business. Use this information to adjust your hourly rates. You’ll quickly be out of business if you only consider your billable hours when setting your rates.

How do you keep track of your time?

4 Responses to “Time to stay on task”

  1. Triphow Ling says:

    You ever heard of odesk? Check it out if you haven’t. Comes in pretty handy if you wanna make sure both you and your client know exactly what you’re doing, and how much of it you’re doing.

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  2. Ramona says:

    This is a very good tip indeed. I also face the same problem: I do work like crazy, but I failed to really time me in a proper manner. Knowing exactly how much time I spend on a site would help me monetize better and also be able to set my prices in an even better manner

  3. skip says:

    Keeping track of time to see how long it takes for you to completed a job is important. To keep up the pace constantly is important. Disciplines in work is a must! than you’ll know how professional you are.

  4. skip says:

    keeping track of time is really important. being on time make a good impression on other people too. as for me, i keep track of time using my mobile phone, as i dont like wearing a watch.