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I recently talked about writing for review sites, and PayPerPost is one of the best known. I just started seriously writing for them , and I think it’s a great deal.

Writing for review sites requires that you use sound blog ethics. For instance, I won’t claim I’ve used a product I haven’t, and I won’t say I love something I hate.

So why PayPerPost? With their new ranking system, I don’t have to worry about my Google rank in order to make money. In the past, a lot of the advertisers wanted blogs with a certain Google rank, but Google’s recent “slaps” works against this system in a drastic way. PayPerPost, whose parent company is called IZEA, came up with their own ranking system to alleviate this problem. This means I don’t have to write a bunch of $5 posts for companies I’m not interested in.

Right now my blog earns anywhere from $5 to $20 per review. Not too bad.

PayPerPost guidelines help keep people from littering their blogs with paid posts, which of course would be a disservice to the advertisers. You can’t write more than a few per day, and your blog has to have a balance between paid and non-paid posts. Fair enough, right?

If you haven’t tried it, and you’re looking for a way to monetize your blog, do your research and see if it’s for you. It’s free to sign up.

Interested? Just click on the logo above and you’re on your way!

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  1. Mo says:

    I notice you have a PR0 and are a PPP postie ~ did you have a higher rank before you started PPP?
    I made $86 with PPP before I was dropped from a PR4 to a zero… then the posts dried up.

    Here via Entrecard.

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    • Theda K. says:

      Hi Mo, I had a PR3 months ago, and I had only written one PPP review. I changed all my dofollows to nofollow, and I contacted Google for a reconsideration. But nothing happened, so I’m back with PPP.

      PPP knows that Google is doing this to folks, so they now have their own ranking system so posties can make decent money even if their Google PR is 0. I make between $5 and $20 per post. This month so far it’s around $50 I think. My PPP rank isn’t that low.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Kyle says:

    Yeah i was going to ask the same thing about PPP killing your PR rank. Don’t you think that it is more important to have a PR rank with google of 3 then making $50/month with PPP? I mean does that not kill your traffic from search engines? I would be interested to hear what you search traffic has been like since your PR rank was killed.

    Kyle’s last blog post..Links of the Week Feb 15th, 2008

    • Theda K. says:

      Hi Kyle. Actually, I had no search engine traffic before my PR got killed. So my search traffic has actually increased since I got a PR of 0.

      I swear I can’t see what the fuss is all about (see the post before this one when I talk about the small projects adding up). Making $50 a month or more from PPP is way better than a few cents from Google.

      I think it’s an easy decision.

      Maybe it’s because my site was relatively new, and I only had PR for about a week. So basically I’ve never had PR, so I’ve never depended on it or needed it or even noticed it, except for that short week.

      Crayon Writer is mine, not Google’s, so I don’t see why they should matter to me. The only thing that PR of 3 did for me in that short time was give me higher paying PPP and Sponsored review gigs.

      So in answer to your question, my search engine traffic has increased dramatically. And Entrecard traffic is great too.

      And $50 is nothing to sneeze at when every little bit helps. I think it should be up to me, not Google, how I choose to monetize my site.

      Thanks for asking, and visit again soon!

  3. Karlana says:

    You know, I was a PR3 and now am a PR2, so not that big of a drop – YET. I hear it is coming for me, but am grateful there is the RealRank in place now for posties. It just sucks that Google is so down on people making money elsewhere than with AdSense. Seems pretty monopolizing, and yet they attempt to refrain for such “issues”. Contradiction, if you ask me.

    I am just glad to know I am not the only one who has fell victim from this…

    Karlana’s last blog post..Today was not like any other….

  4. cycling says:

    PPP cost my pagerank, didn’t even bother to participate in this paid posting network anymore

    just take precaution when doing PPP

  5. neil says:

    Late 2007 Google started to heavily de-rank both sites that pay for incoming links (such as PPP clients) and the sites that sell links (effectively PPP bloggers). Since that time, any form of obvious attempts to manipulate the Google ranks through artificial backlink generation, is penalised heavily when spotted. Not only is site Page Rank affected, but also positioning within search results can be hit hard, resulting in some sites disappearing from search results altogether – though this is rare.

    We have to measure this against the real-world value of Google Page Rank, however, and so many site owners are obsessed with page rank. I run a niche site with a poor page rank of 1, yet generates 750k visitors per month, has a very strong Alexa ranking, and ranks well elsewhere, too. Search results are strong for the main keywords.

    For PPP, however, a Page Rank of above 4 will offer you more paid post opportunities, so there is value there.

    The key to paid posts, I have found, is not to write reviews or opinions, but to fully integrate the links into posts that were no different from any other post you write. For example, a recent paid spot I wrote for a backgammon website, talked about hos I have never been ‘lucky’ with games involving dice, with the backgammon site links woven in naturally and a little tongue in cheek. Straightforward review-style paid posts are simply a turn-off for me as a blog reader as I feel they break the flow of the blog content. These more natural styled posts are must less likely to be spotted and picked up by Google de-ranking.

    Also, consider using one of the other paid post services such as Blogvertise, as PPP are very prominent and your paid posts more likely to be spotted if you write for them.

    neil’s last blog post..Reading improves your writing, they say

  6. Tylamar says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for ways to make money blogging. I definately have to check thos out to see if it will work for me. I appreciate free information like this. Do you have any other suggestions on ways I can make money blogging and increase traffic to my site?

    Tylamar’s last blog post..MP Featured Artist Dani Clay

  7. You might regret this in the future. You may decide, like I did, that I need Google’s search traffic to make money. You will probably never get your PR back…I don’t think I will ever get mine back.

    Design Your Own House’s last blog post..Design Your Own House – 3D Software

    • Theda K. says:

      Never is a mighty long time. Did you have a lot of traffic before you lost your PR? I didn’t, so I don’t see the loss (I actually see an increase in search traffic).

      I doubt I’ll regret it. I don’t see how I’ll ever be so wrapped up in what another company dictates, unless they are my boss/client. I don’t work for Google (I applied for a job, but they never got back to me).

      Again, like I said before, I really don’t see what all the fuss and hoopla is about. And again, never is a mighty long time. Is Google always going to be the only authority? Is my blog going to be around forever?

  8. Well, it definitely is your right to do whatever you want with your own blog. I’ts too bad Google is so dominant right now. I wish some of the other search engines would catch up to them.

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  9. Jeff F. says:

    I’m not saying that PayPerPost is a good or a bad idea… I think it’s smart to do, if you can write smart posts.

    Don’t just copy and paste info from the advertisers site. Write what you believe, and drop their paid-links… and maybe a few others to random sites. Just so IF google looks into the post, it’ll look more legit, and not so much like a paidpost.

    Jeff F.’s last blog post..Does CBS Want Jericho to Survive?

  10. Google really needs to quit slapping people, someone is gunna file a lawsuite. Anyways, iv been wanted to try payperpost for awhile now but whenever i sign up i never get an activation email?

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  11. Kindermbel says:

    WOW! That’s a wonderful response and I definitely have respect for that stand. That’s good to hear, because its too bad Google is so dominant right now. I wish some of the other search engines would catch up to them. Thanks ATT Cell Phones

  12. diani says:

    Is it required to put PPP badge on all their paid posts?

    diani’s last blog post..Affiliate Marketing What is This?

  13. syikin says:

    Good thing I took out PPP links from my website months ago. My website finally got my PR back even though it crawled to PR1.

    And its best to take out their disclosure badge since Google will sniff out this particular code when they scan through the system to re-rank the PR.

    Sorry to you guys who lost your PR

    syikin’s last blog post..The old times

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