Say hello to my new HP Pavilion


If you’re a regular reader here on Crayon Writer, you know all about my luck with computers. Well, things are finally looking up, and I’m super excited!

After I sent in my new HP Pavilion dv6226 for repair, it came back running hotter than I remembered it and they didn’t fix the strange high-pitched squeal it sometimes had.

So I called Hewlett Packard’s customer support immediately. For about an hour I talked with some guy in another country who couldn’t talk to me outside of the script he was following.

After yelling at him, I talked to another agent who told me the laptop needed to be replaced. She sent me to their case management group, who shuffled me back and forth from manager to manager, with the story changing each time about the fix for my problem.

Finally I got a new manager who apologized for my weeks of torture with the staff, and he took care of everything. In a HUGE way. Granted, he saw how much I had been through and was ready to bend over backward to please me. And I was quite perturbed. I even asked him if they would give me stock options for my troubles. No, I didn’t get that request.

Instead, I got a brand-spanking-new awesome laptop and lots of perks that make me ready to sing HP’s praises from the highest mountain top (okay, maybe not the top of a mountain, but you get the idea).

Now let me tell you what HP did for me.

1. I got a free 3-year extended accidental damage warranty.

2. They included a 300GB personal media drive. Backups are a breeze now.

3. HP sent me a Belkin easy transfer cable so I could transfer all of my settings and files from the old laptop to the new. It worked like a dream. I didn’t even have to configure my 3 or 4 email accounts again.

4. The new laptop they sent was a just-released model. 17-inch screen. Built-in webcam. And did they give me just the basic settings? No. I got beefed up everything. Memory, speed, extra battery…everything!

So now I get to play with my HP Pavilion DV9700t, and the computer drama is finally over (knock on wood).

The moral of the story? If it’s justified, make your complaint heard. And ask for compensation for your troubles and wasted time. You may not get stock options, but you never know if you don’t ask.

The real point of this post? I love my new computer and everything that’s included with it! HP outdid themselves in taking care of the problem. I’m probably a customer for life (though they really need to work on their first line of customer support representatives).

Curious about the specifications of my new notebook? Let me know!

21 Responses to “Say hello to my new HP Pavilion”

  1. 1epiphanee says:

    This great! I’m a firm believer to voice your dissatisfaction with a product until you are completely happy especially when lots of money is at stake.

    At least in my book, brand loyalty is built by HP finally rectifying the problem in the manner that it did.

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  2. ventura says:

    I’m not very lucky with computers myself. Maybe I should follow suit and buy the same model.

  3. Triphow Ling says:

    I’d say you got lucky. It does look kinda cool. Now keep it that way, and hopefully you won’t have to go through the same thing again. And good thing you didn’t buy a Dell. You would probably have need sessions with your therapist for a nervous breakdown, if you had purchased a faulty Dell.

    Triphow Ling’s last blog post..Hotel Kabuki, Japantown, San Francisco

  4. You should post the specifications, I bet they are SUUUWEEEETTT!

    That’s pretty awesome, I’ve never had such a success story with customer service. Usually I talk to someone from a foreign country that I can’t understand and I give up after a few minutes.

  5. Drop Shipper says:

    well thats good to know that they handled it well and hooked you up. i have an HP 17″ dv 9000t, similar to yours but prolly a little slower. at least if anything goes wrong i know what to do 😀

  6. Wow. I have a HP Pavilion dv6226 as my main computer – it’s great. But sounds like you got way better. That’s super! It’s nice to see that big corporations can still bend over backwards to make a customer happy.

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  7. Thats a great notebook dude. Looks awesome. I wanna have one like that.

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  8. Mandy says:

    LOL, I am not laughing at you I am laughing with you. We had/have an HP notebook (we never use it any more). It was nothing but trouble from the start. We dealt with (I think) the same “customer service” person that you dealt with. We wound up sending it in 3 times. They never did fix the darn thing, it is still hot as fire and makes this terrible fan noise. After all of that, I will never buy another HP product again! We now have a Dell and never have any problems.

    Mandy’s last blog post..Autism Speaks And Five for Fighting Raising Awareness

  9. Best Laptop says:

    Yes, this is the reason why HP is even more popular than Dell this year. I think HP Pavilion laptops are still the best and congratz with your story. Personally, my own laptop is HP Pavilion HDX (for gaming purpose). I plan to buy a new high-tech Pavilion notebook if there is a new one.

  10. I just got a new laptop too. It’s been 5 years since the last one and I can’t believe how much my old one feels like a clunker.

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  11. creative strokes says:

    hey iam using the same laptop ,hp is the best in customer support.

  12. Congrats on the new laptop, Theda! I’m so glad it all worked out and you got all the extras. 🙂 Way to go for speaking up!

    I love your blog and I’ll be back many times, I know.


  13. Øyvind says:

    Hello Pavilion, treat Theda kindly now please. 🙂

    A manager who apologize and takes care of customers? Can I have her/his number please?

    Øyvind’s last blog post..Polar Ocean ice free this summer

  14. Well, I’m jealous because it’s beautiful, but so glad you were repaid for your ordeal and that HP saw value in making you a happy customer. I went from an HP to a Dell, and I may consider switching back to HP for my next purchase.

    I think having my children and getting married are about the only things more exciting than a new computer 🙂

  15. Wow, awesome. Congratulations. I had some wireless networking problems with my DV6000. They repaired it for free, but I started noticing it happening off-and-on again recently. After reading your story I kind of hope it conks out on me for good, but not really (cause their tech support I hear isn’t always as nice as it was with you). But either way, Congrats again. thats great.

  16. Real nice. I need to be getting one real soon too. Especially now that they are much more affordable since the last time I bought one.

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  17. Rene says:

    Allow me to sing back up! LOL I have to agree with you about the HP. Now I just have a desk top and have not realized my dream of one day owning my very own lap top. Anyway… I am now on year five of my HP Pavilion and still love it. In the past I’ve had to replace my computer every other year. Now I can buy my lap top and the kids can take this one. Congrats on your new computer!

    Rene’s last blog post..Joshua…With Style!

  18. Traveler says:

    That’s device for real travelers. Good choice!

    Traveler’s last blog post..Bellini, a Boscolo First Class Hotel

  19. Thanks for the post. I usually give up before getting beyond the first line of customer service. That won’t happen any more.

  20. Wow! you’ve got skills! persistance pays, eh?

  21. Unblock me says:

    Thats a great costumer service . hp is allot better then dell.