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I’ve written a few articles for Associated Content now, as I said I would in a previous post. I’m not thrilled, I must say. Sure, there’s a learning curve as to what they want, but I don’t know if I have the patience to figure it all out. Of the 7 or so articles I’ve submitted, two have been accepted for upfront payment for under $4.

Several others were declined for various reasons. One article was determined to be “humor,” which they don’t usually offer upfront payments for. Another had spelling “errors” (I disagree with their spellchecker, but I fixed the words their system “caught”), and another one or two just weren’t the types of articles they offer payments for (current events and articles that aren’t “in-depth” enough.

Luckily, I’ve been able to take some of the declined articles and sell them elsewhere instead. Otherwise I’m just leaving them as “Performance Paid” articles, and we’ll see what happens.

So check out my AC posts and my recent HubPages posts. Enjoy, and let me know what you think:

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  1. I believe I submitted four articles to Associated Content. The one that wasn’t accepted for upfront payment was rejected because the topic was too broad.

    I used Associated Content for a few weeks in November, but I haven’t used them since that time. I’m not too impressed with the payment I know I could make more elsewhere.

    • Theda K. says:

      Hi Opal. Yeah, I’m not that happy with the payment. I can definitely get more other places. If I were someone who just sat around all day writing articles for the heck of it, then it wouldn’t be a problem I guess. Or if I had a whole bunch of articles I’d been sitting on for years. But to go out of my way to write an article for a few dollars isn’t a good use of my time.

      They say my articles are too broad or too common. Oh well. I gave it a try and didn’t waste too much time.

  2. Triphow Ling says:

    You’re going in the right direction. Keep up the good work. Get a few regular gigs like hubpages. There’s a few more of the same kind, if you do a little bit of searching…A word of warning, though. It won’t last more than 2-3 months. You might want to plan for that.

    Triphow Ling’s last blog post..What’s Cool in 2008

  3. Theda K. says:

    Thanks Triphow. I was getting that feeling too. I also realized I probably can’t write about rats or birds for longer than a few months anyway. There isn’t that much to say, I don’t think.

    Thanks for the heads up. I guess you can’t stop looking or marketing.

  4. Angela WD says:

    This is helpful information. I was just thinking of looking into AC myself, but $4 sure doesn’t sound like much. Have you tried Work it, Mom! yet? That’s another one on my research list.

    Where were you able to place the declined articles?

    Angela WD’s last blog post..Time to Say Goodbye

    • Theda K. says:

      Hi Angela. I did sell all but one of the articles. I’ll probably just use it on one of my blogs when the time is right. I’ll check out Work It, Mom! and see how that goes. Or feel free to report back to us to let us know how it worked out.

  5. Online Bingo says:

    i made well over $500 with associated content – but i think i can always make more if there is a better buyer.. sometime i think the offer that AC give is not enough

  6. Thesis says:

    The bright side is that you will make loads of money if your currency is smaller than USD

    I’ve made $800 buck for the past 3 months which I think is a good supplementary income

    not to mention you get paid for referrals too! 🙂

  7. making money says:

    Hmm… Thanks for the post. I liked the writing. Keep it up.

  8. AC really ticked me off by discountinuing their affiliate program and not telling anyone.

  9. CatherineL says:

    So how does this work? Do they bid a certain amount for your work? Or do you offer to write a post for them for a certain amount?

    CatherineL’s last blog post..Do You Want To Make Millions? The Business Of Writing A Novel

  10. Daniel says:

    sometimes, we win some, and we lose some. but the bigger thing is that what one success teaches us, one failure teaches us many more times over.but were u able to sell all the declined articles?

  11. Descartes says:

    I’ve look at places like AC and not been too impressed with what I have seen. I’ll be checking back to see how you are doing.
    As a blogger there are a number of Paid Post companies out there, again, it is not big money-$5 to $10 is about what I get for a post. But these are small bits of writing, usually just a few hundred words and a link or two to a website. Smorty has accepted my blog posts and paid me quickly by Paypal.
    Keep up the good work.

    Descartes’s last blog post..National Pie Day-My Kind of Holiday

  12. I never tried AC, but I did go ahead and try CC (Constant Content). The difference between the two is you just “park” your articles on CC (upload them and leave them there for buyers to peruse) and you can select “Best Offer” to represent your sale, along with your chosen price or you can just choose a price and leave it at that until it sells. I was skeptical, but I’ve already sold five articles. Granted, I’m not rich yet but these are literally articles I’ve had sitting in my files collecting dust. The key is to only sell with “Usage rights” and that means you can sell the same article again and again to different Editors/Website owners. It’s pretty neat. You can sell photos as well. There are just different submission guidelines for each category.

    Also, once you’re an Author and are listed as such, the buyer can contact you for private requests. Some writers have received up to $350 for articles through private requests. Starting out, you may only sell a piece for $5 – $50. Not too, too bad. 🙂

    I am pleased so far and wish you the best should you decide to try them out.


  13. So, you have also experienced their highly reduced payrates. Associated content is actually not going to pay its readers any big amount. Not even 1 percent of what they earn from their authors. Here is a review we found online: Unethical business practices of AC

    Creative Writing’s last blog post..Deepavali (Diwali), the Festival of Lights: India’s National Festival Is Today!

  14. Rat Info says:

    I think you did great in all of the rat articles, lots of good information!

  15. foxy says:

    I have tried them recently and it seems they are a bit better now.

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