Copywriting tips of the week


Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of the same types of writing mistakes across the blogosphere.

I’m sure most of the bloggers know the correct words to use and the proper grammatical techniques. Writing online kind of makes us lazy, so we bend the rules a little (some writers seem to just throw them out completely).

This past week I decided to take note of some of the common offenders. And as I explore the blogosphere, I’ll be writing a “writing tips of the week” post from time to time.

On to the writing tips for this week!

1. Complimenting someone is saying something nice about them. Complementing, though, is when two or more items go well together.

2. When you write pretty long sentences, try saying them out loud. Even though commas don’t always go at a “natural breath” point, chances are you do have to pause at some point during the sentence. So be sure to use a comma somewhere. But be careful. I don’t know which is worse; using commas all over the place or not using any at all. Watch those commas!

3. Try not to overuse certain words in a post, unless you’re trying to use a keyword on purpose to boost your SEO. Use your thesaurus, or just go back and check to see if a certain word is repeated 5, 10, or even 15 times in a 100-word post. Nothing’s more annoying that the annoying habit of using a word that becomes annoying after a while.

3 Responses to “Copywriting tips of the week”

  1. I’m really liking your site. A lot of useful tips. Will be a frequent visitor. 🙂


    Jason – Blogging4csah’s last blog post..Bloggers, ads, and taxes! Oh, My!

  2. On a normal blog I would agree, but it can actually increase CTR if you’re a bad writer. People get tired of reading and want to leave, and many do so via an ad =P

    Justin Briggs’s last blog post..SEO Tool for Trends Blogging

  3. i only use free seo tools on the internet coz there are lots of good ones out there-`;