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I just found out about this really cool WordPress plugin called CommentLuv (thanks to Opal of Vegan Momma).

If you comment on Crayon Writer (and you have a blog), the plugin will show the title of your last blog post. And if you don’t already know, Crayon Writer is a “do follow” blog. I don’t really understand what that means, but it’s good for search engines from what I hear.

So comment, subscribe, and be merry!

(Added note: I talked with the creator of the plugin, Andy, and he told me there may be an incompatibility issue with the threaded comments and commentluv plugins. So for now, commentluv doesn’t work on this blog. But do try it on yours!)

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  1. Opal Tribble says:

    It’s a great plugin.

    DoFollow means you will get “link juice” if you leave your url on another blog that uses it.

    • Theda K. says:

      Hey, the commentluv didn’t work. Feel free to try to comment again to see if it works now. Maybe I was still in the process of installing it when you commented? I sure hope so.

  2. Opal Tribble says:

    It might be something wrong with mine if it isn’t working. I have noticed that my feed seems to be acting weird on a few websites that have the plug in installed. It would pull up posts that I had left a few weeks before. Odd! 🙂 If it persists, I’ll follow up with Andy (creator of the plug in.) He’s a very nice guy.

  3. Forrest says:

    I love Vegan Momma’s site. I’m not a full fledged vegan, “just” a vegetarian, but I consider her a like mind, part of the team. Being a veggie is as good for the environment as driving a hybrid, and as a photographer this is particularly important to me … so I’m glad there are people like her out there.

    Sorry for the off topic comment, but since you mentioned her, I wanted to echo my support.

    Forrest’s last blog post..US 101: The Olympic Peninsula

  4. Austin says:

    That plugin is pretty cool. I wish I started off with a different blogging platform like WordPress that supported more plugins.

  5. I also just got comment luv after seeing it on Opal and Bloggrrl’s sites. It’s brilliant.

    Catherine Lawson’s last blog post..How I Won Problogger’s Competition Using The Law of Attraction

  6. Nice to see you got it working!

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  7. Shannon says:

    hey, do they have that on blogger? im on blogger and i cant find the comment luv plugins. *sigh*

    Shannon’s last blog post..Pinoy Money Talk

  8. Fallen Angel says:

    I am also in Blogger…. how do I get this Comment Luv??…

    Fallen Angel’s last blog post..Happy Feet 🙂

  9. Rome says:

    @Fallen Angel
    You can’t because blogger doesn’t support plug-ins. 🙂

    Rome’s last blog post..Googel and Gogle is Google? Googol What?

  10. I am a wordpress blogger so I am a little slow but This comment luv works very well for me! It rewards valuable comments with valuable links. Fair trade I believe.

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  11. John says:

    Hi, I love your site! I was wondering what you did to fix the plugin issue?

    I have tried and tried to get it working on my new site and can’t figure it out to the point that it has crashed my site.

    Any help with what you did would be greatly appreciated!



  12. Shielamae says:

    please teach me how to placed that pluggin on my blog account?

    Shielamae’s last blog post..A new domain

  13. Rich says:

    Hey great post.

    I have been looking at this plug in for a while now.
    Have you found it’s made a differance to the numbers of people leaving comments and have you had any issues with spam?


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  14. MsGrass says:

    Hello Theda,

    I also enjoyed your blog to learn what others are doing to get this plug-in going correctly. And you’re absolutely right, the search engines love it. I’ll stick with you and keep reading. We’ll learn together.


  15. Bowtech Bows says:

    Thanks for the plugin information. I will give it a try on a couple of my blogs.

    @Rich, I have used it before and haven’t seen a big increase.

  16. Mr. Polite says:

    CommentLuv is an incredible idea. Luv it.

    Mr. Polite’s last blog post..RMCN: Credit Repair made Easy

  17. Jon says:

    Comment luv is great and so are the new U Comment, I Follow buttons I’ve been seeing around.

  18. Gavin says:

    CommentLuv is pretty funky

    Gavin’s last blog post..Top 20 football misses of all time

  19. Bleuken says:

    I’m still not implementing it on my website because I’m still afraid with the possible effect of this plug-in on my blog. 🙂

    Bleuken’s last blog post..Cebu Seo Contest 2008

  20. Andrés says:

    This WordPress plugin can do wonders for blog traffic, but it also brings with it tons of spammers looking to accumulate links.

    I guess the trick is to have an eye out for the spammers who drop two word comments, looking for quick links. I’d love to find out if you’ve received a noticeable spam impact on your posts.


    Andrés’s last blog post..Zwinky en Sears

  21. Does this work with sites that have wordpress entries embedded in the home page or does it have to be a full wordpress-delivered site?

  22. Really helps generate some additional traffic. Great idea!

  23. Adi says:

    I’m a little confuse about this.
    Some expert says that dofollow will make google angry with us.
    Explain me please.
    Is this stuff really safe for our SEO?

    Adi’s last blog post..Rihanna – Music of The Sun

  24. Tim says:

    Thanks for the info on comment luv. Tim

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  25. Thanks for the plugin information. I’m going to download it right now. Beautiful site.

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  26. Detox King says:

    Not all CommentLuv will Do Follow. You just nned to check.

    Even without the link, many blog owners are getting traffic right from their comment.

  27. Detox King says:

    Testing the CommnetLuv plugin.

  28. dwangsa says:

    Might use it on my next site using WordPress that supported more plugins.

  29. SEO Story says:

    I also use comment luv on my blog. It’s a nice little plugin, but don’t forget to activate your akishmet to prevent spam.

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  30. Testing the CommnetLuv plugin.

  31. KG says:

    I think this could be one of the best comment plugins out there.

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  32. my blog says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  33. Mark Thomas says:

    Congratulations on installing commentluv. It looks like you have now resolved your compatibility issues as it appears to be working ok. Hopefully it is drive a little more traffic to your blog since installing it. Great site as well.

    Mark Thomas’s last blog post..Sony sees PS3 sales slump; plus my reasons why

  34. Jacob says:

    hey id like to talk with you about your blog. please email me – thanks.

  35. SubmitterWeb says:

    Very well written. This is the kind of information that is useful to those want to increase their SERP’s. Keep up the good work.

  36. Already added this one. There is another one “KeywordLUV”. You should try it.

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  37. helbred says:

    Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts. A long way between them.

  38. Many wordpress blogs are difficult to make them compatible with wordpress. I had some problems with that and the reason was my RSS feeds. So one of my friends fixed it but I didn’t ask that what was actually wrong with that. Anyways, It is nice to see it in action on different blogs.

  39. I searched on google and I had a hard time located the right info….until I found your blog.

  40. I’ve just installed this wonderful plugin on my blog and its a fantastic not only for the commentators. But it really does increase the comments on your blog, my blog is beginning to look less like a ghost town now.

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  42. Rex Steel says:

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  44. Duffel says:

    Sharing information if good for other is always appreciated 😀

  45. Gabby says:

    It increased exposure and readership and Connected with a large discussion community .

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  46. I found your site while browsing google, this u comment i follow thing is pretty insane! I love the idea, it’s really a fair trade to offer a linkback for quality content, or comments that are thoughtful…

  47. fwisp says:

    CommentLuv for WP is a very nice plug-in. Every blog should have this installed and enabled by default; it would allow much better traffic exchange between websites! And the developer should definitely consider expanding the compatibility to other CMS.

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  49. dennisb says:

    Great idea! I’ve only seen one other site that has this plug-in. It’s sure to be a hit.
    .-= dennisb´s last blog ..Rusted Bleeder Screws – Bleeding Brakes =-.

  50. AH says:

    CommentLuv is the best. Glad to see there are others using it extensively.

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