Computer luck?


I’m either extremely unlucky or lucky, depending on how you look at it.

Last year my desktop’s fan broke. But I had a laptop that I’d been using, so no problem. Later, probably last February or March, the laptop died. No problem. I had just bought a new laptop a couple of days before, and they were able to recover the data.

Then, just last month, the new laptop died. I couldn’t get the data recovered, but I didn’t have a ton of things to worry about anyway (I had emailed a lot of things, and saved some in the website’s files). So no problem, really.

So now, just after I got the repaired laptop, my desktop crashed! But I did backup the data before the crash (finally learning my lesson). So no problem, right?

Finally, at the (hopeful) end of this computer saga, my newly repaired laptop is running way too hot, so I have to get HP to replace it.

Lucky? Unlucky? I don’t know, but I sure hope the drama ends soon. As a lesson to us all, backup, backup, backup! If you don’t know how, find someone who does. It’s no fun starting over all of the time.

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  1. Dennis Edell says:

    Holy shmoly, you gotta be the luckiest unlucky woman to-date!

    It is a head-scratcher tho, I really can’t say if that’s good or bad LOL

    Good luck!

  2. Forrest says:

    That’s pretty horrid … I guess I don’t feel as bad anymore. My laptop died a year ago, with plenty of data on it, but, unfortunately, stripped raid, so the data was irrecoverable. Some of it was backed up, I guess the most important, but that hardly lessens the pain.

    So I can’t agree more about needing to back your data up!

  3. That’s pretty unlucky. I have the same problem with hard drives on my desktop. I’ve somehow burned through 3 of them this year, losing a lot of data.

    Were they all HP laptops? Maybe it’s the manufacturer’s fault.

  4. Robyn says:

    I also had the experience of losing three computers in a year. Even though I had a contract for repairs, I was without the computer for 7-10 days. Sure can slow us down for awhile!

  5. Chris says:

    Man its stories like those that make me cringe cause I know its going to happen to me one day. Is an external hard drive the best way to back things up? Or do you have a better way?

    • Forrest says:

      The “best” way to keep backups is redundancy.

      All of my most important photos are stored on at least five different hard discs in three different machines, plus on CD and DVDs in a few locations. Knock on wood, this data should survive a fire, earthquake, flood, or just about anything else.

      It’s a pain, but all hard drives will eventually fail. Home burned media isn’t permanent, either. So the more places you have your data, the less risk there is overall … but the more painful it is to maintain.

      Forrest’s last blog post..US 101: The Olympic Peninsula

  6. UK HDTV says:

    Yes, back-up is truly a basic precaution everyone should follow. I have my back-up details in my 160GB hard disk.

  7. Rapdirt says:

    You’re definitely unlucky… I try to steer clear of laptops simply because they get moved around, jostled, and like any electronic subject to the abuse of constant movement, they break down much more often than a desktop. If I’m not at home, I just consider it a break from the PC.

  8. it sounds like you are both lucky, and unlucky. Laptops sure can be a scary purchase; lots of money and a significant amount of risk/vulnerability for it breaking, as you most definitely already experienced. gL with yer future computers!

  9. Terreece says:

    Hey Theda!

    Glad you stopped by my site. Girl you sound like me ranting about my laptop. I haven’t had nearly as many problems as you’ve had, I think that I would be nuts right about now!!

    Though I had an issue upgrading to Leopard, I suggest getting a Mac. Since I’ve made the switch I have had far fewer problems than I did with PC’s.

  10. Wow – that really is bad luck!! What you need as you already is some online backup. I’ve been using one and it works very well – I recommend it to everyone because it works so easily and it works all the time without interrupting your work.

    Hopefully this won’t happen to you again.

  11. sorry to hear about your problems. two things i’d definitely recommend: an external hard drive for backing up and spinrite (google it) by GRC. my desktop hard drive crashed in july and i was able to use spinrite to repair it (it seemed like a miracle). anytime anyone i know has a problem with their HD, i tell them about spinrite.

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  13. Best Laptop says:

    Yes, it is a inspirational story. I used to backup my important data in my USB and my external hard disk. Two back ups are needed, just in case…

  14. Videojuego says:

    Since any years ago, i use a external hard drive everyday, becouse all my life is in my laptop… Everything, and i can´t lose it.

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