Who or Whom?


Who knows when to use who, and for whom is this post?

The objective case is very confusing to many, and the who/whom question is at the top of the list.

My first piece of advice is easy, even if it’s technically incorrect:

  • Just don’t use the word whom. It’s often used incorrectly, and it’s all but obsolete.

So I say pretend whom doesn’t exist. Just use the word who all the time.

If you insist, though, use it the right way. Here’s a quick lesson:

  • Whom is an object, so it comes after a preposition most of the time.

“To whom do I give this book?” “I should give this book to whom?”

  • The word who is always the subject.

“Who gets this book?”

So, just remember those simple rules, or, to avoid confusion and complicated decisions, just use who.

Check out this article for a more in-depth discussion, and read my earlier post about the objective case (where I discuss using I and me).

7 Responses to “Who or Whom?”

  1. Krokodil says:

    Very interesting and informative

  2. Good information, but english I’d have to say is not one of my best subject.

  3. Game servers says:

    The difference between who and whom is a dying part of the English language, and people who study languages for a living will be the first to tell you.

  4. djahna says:

    Ei! Thanks for the reminder. It’s funny how we forget the basics sometimes,,

  5. Hi everyone,

    Indeed if you know & master the rule there’s no reason to use whom incorrectly.

    But you’re right Theda, awareness is still better in most cases.


  6. Rejuvaskin says:

    Good explanation of how to use who and whom.

    Thank you for explaining these english grammar.

  7. Cool Games says:

    Wow I have been using it wrong.. the funny thing is it sounds correct =p. Thanks for the quick lesson!