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If you are a blogger, you’re a published writer. But that doesn’t mean you’re a good writer.

But what is good writing?

Courtney Tuttle wrote a funny post today about how not to write a blog post. A lot of his points focused on readability online.

Good writing, online at least, includes how the copy looks, not just the grammar or spelling. Perfect textbook writing that is unappealing to readers’ eyes may as well be written by a two-year-old.

Take a look at his post for some humorous, absolutely accurate points about writing for blogs.

4 Responses to “Copywriting tips”

  1. Court says:

    Thanks for the mention Theda! As you know, I believe that writing copy is the most important aspect of internet marketing.

  2. dingmo Ed says:

    awesome great link. I am a blogger myself, but not anything close to a writer by trade, so i’m always looking for ways to improve my writing.

  3. Thanks for the link to Courtney’s post; fantastic stuff. Funny as heck, yet he makes his point too. You may enjoy the “Worst Comment” I wrote to complement his Worst Post (it’s on my blog … couldn’t bring myself to actually put it as a comment on his!)

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