I’m in sales

If you’re a freelancer, you’re a sales person. And the toughest kind of sales around–commission only.

So if you aren’t working your business like a sales operation, you may be missing out on lots of opportunities. I say I’m a writer, but writing is a small part of the job. When I don’t sell, I don’t have anyone to write for.

What reminded me about the major sales side of my business was a post I found on Selling to Big Companies. That’s something I try to do all the time (and I’ve had a few successes). Check out the article about sales from the potential customer’s perspective.

Thanks to that post, I’ll be rewriting my cold email pitches. What about you?

5 Responses to “I’m in sales”

  1. Jeep tops says:

    thanks for the link… i am now thinking of changing my sales pitch for my mails hopefully that will help me write a better sales pitch and higher sales rate.

  2. AngelaWD says:

    I’m intrigued by your cold email pitches. I haven’t seen this before. Would you be willing to share an example?

  3. sebastienne says:

    Thanks for this great reminder. I admit we all oversee that part of the business.

  4. Laura says:


    That’s a great link! We should never forget our customer’s needs.

  5. maybe you can post some of your best email pitches so we can copy (just kidding)… learn from it….