Birthday greetings!

Whew! I never realized it would take me so long to adjust to working outside of the home. Then again, the last time I worked full-time was in May 2005, right before my daughter was born. Thanks for hanging in there with me, re-reading my old posts, and checking out the comments.

This week is also a special week for me. It’s my birthday this week! I won’t say my exact age, but suffice it to say that the picture of me you’ve been staring at is about 7-10 years old.

I’m going to be getting back into the writing business. My day job doesn’t allow any time for writing at work, but I’m beginning to carve out time at home. My daughter is as busy as ever, but she’s also getting into playing by herself.

For you other freelance writers who have regular day jobs too, any words of wisdom for making it all work?

One thing about my day job that is great: the steady income makes me feel more secure, so I’ll be able to work on my business soon without all the worries and pressure I had before. My advice for starting freelancers is to keep or get a day job while you grow your business.

Does anyone know how to make WordPress recognize multiple paragraph markings? I don’t feel I have enough spacing between paragraphs, and it’s driving me batty.

Until next time…

17 Responses to “Birthday greetings!”

  1. Happy birthday, Theda, and welcome back.

    Glad the day job is giving you financial security. It’s hard to start a freelance business – or just about any business, for that matter – without a backup source of income. Most businesses of any kind take some time – months or years – before producing enough profit to support a family.

  2. Marie D. says:

    Happy Birthday, Theda! I turned 30 last Friday, and plenty of online friends have their birthday this week, how funny!
    Keeping on writing after a day at work is not easy, I know what I am talking about (and I have no family or kids to take care of) but I guess it is a matter of organization and dedication…
    About WordPress, I think you can use some HTML
    Like inserting a tag, leaving a line blanck and closing the tag.

  3. Theda,
    I’ve named you a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. Congratulations!

  4. Patrick says:

    Nice to see a sista doing her thing on the Internet. There aren’t a lot of you! Happy Birthday! Do your own thing if you can. It’s not easy but it can be done!

  5. Good luck on the new endeavor!

  6. Theda K. says:

    Thanks Marie and Lillie! I’m so glad you’re still reading my blog. I’m keeping my eye on the prize, and still planning for my business to be a huge success, even while I’m working. I’ll get into a routine one of these days.

    Lillie, thanks for naming me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger!

    Now…to find the time to read all of the blogs I’m subscribed to (like both of yours).

    Keep in touch!

    Theda K.

  7. AruntheACE says:

    Belated Birthday wishes.. What do you mean by multiple paragraph markings?

  8. SELBOY says:

    I am new to this blog. And maybe the best thing to do first is to greet you HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

    i wonder if how old are you now….

  9. simon says:

    Happy Birthday….. just started reading your blog and enjoying it..
    added you for technorati for updates hope you can return fav?

  10. Theda,
    I’m hope you’re back soon. I’ve just posted a list of my favorite writing blogs, and you’re on it.

  11. A very belated happy birthday to you. 🙂

    By the way, I really like your layout design.

  12. goyin says:

    i kind of know what you’re going through. i’m a content manager for a online retailer and try to write in several blogs at night. i’m single and don’t have kids so thats really the only way i can do it.

  13. happy birthday to you. U have a lovely layouts for your blog 🙂

  14. I just get to know about your blog. It’s too late already. But, I still want to wish you Happy Birthday ! Good Luck for future undertaking.

  15. says:

    Nice to see a sista doing her thing on the Internet. There aren’t a lot of you! Happy Birthday! Do your own thing if you can. It’s not easy but it can be done!

  16. Andrew says:

    I would say that you could just add some html code in between each paragraph. Just switch to the html view when you are writing your next post and then ad between each paragraph. This is similar to hitting the enter key while typing in word.