The business of blogging

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about keeping the blogging romance alive.

I’m going to continue Crayon Writer for both fun and potential profit, but I won’t obsess over it anymore.

Crayon Writer is my first blogging baby, so I’ll make sure to keep writing however I see fit, without worrying about page rank, Technorati rank, or anything else. I won’t forget those things exist, but trying to monetize this blog became a full-time job…and I certainly don’t want to have three full-time jobs!

What else is on the horizon for me?

I’m accepting at least one blogging job. I’ll be writing for a company that hosts several blogs, and I’ll actually be paid for my posts (and I’ll receive part of the advertising revenue). I’ve seen several companies that offer income to authors solely from advertising money. So I appreciate having found one that pays per article.

When it goes live, I’ll definitely announce it and post links to my articles there. I’ll be writing about the care of certain pets, and possibly the city where I live.

Have any of you taken on blogging jobs? How is it working for you?

11 Responses to “The business of blogging”

  1. Urbanist says:

    You know, I realize that pay-per-post is all the rage, and it is a good way to make money. Personally, though, I separate things out: I write what I want to on my purely non-profit blog and then I write for payment on sites like Associated Content, where I can get paid to write but also link back to my own site and thereby build traffic! That’s just one way to do it tho đŸ˜‰

  2. Theda K. says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Urbanist! I should clarify, just in case, though. I’m actually taking a paid blogging job…they just pay based on how much you actually blog, but I’ll be the author of the entire blog.

    I haven’t tried Associated Content. I’d forgotten about it, actually. Maybe I should try it.

    This site, truth be told, hasn’t made me any money really (maybe $6 from Adsense, and $20 from affiliate earnings). I haven’t figured out how to increase traffic, but I’m a little tired of worrying about it.

    Blogging for others, whether article-by-article or blog-by-blog, may be the best way for me to make money from blogging.

    I’ll check out Yaro’s mentorship program too.

    Anyway, drop in again soon!

  3. Michael says:

    That sounds like a really good opportunity. Congrats.

  4. Good for you. I think that as you obsess less over it you’ll find that it actually thrives that much more, because you’re not trying to force it anymore.

    With time and consistent effort you’ll probably get better results than if you’d stressed yourself out over it. Good luck!

  5. J says:

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  6. Hi Theda,
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  7. I was thinking about writing for a blog company too but im not sure it will be worth the effort. do you know around how much they pay you for each post? o_O

  8. how much do companies pay people for writing posts on stuff? i heard it was like $10 but am not sure if thats accurate.

    • Theda K. says:

      It depends on the company. I never did take this one up on its offer (yet…I don’t have the time right now), but they were paying about $5 an article (plus some profits from the ads).

      Maybe that’s why I didn’t take it. Sure, it’s about $100 a month extra money, and a 400 word article won’t take me much time, but as a copywriter I charge at least $50 an hour. I would have to write pretty quickly to make it worth my time.

  9. James says:

    Nice job! i’ve been thinking about making a blog for one of my websites, but i was really justifying the effort/return…

    • Theda K. says:

      Thanks, James! If you want more information about the business of blogging, click on the huge ad under my picture to get a free copy of a report about how to make money blogging.

      And start writing! It definitely has its rewards.