Keeping the blogging romance alive

I’m beginning to understand why it’s recommended that you blog for fun, rather than for profit or even for marketing.

Blogging for fun is natural. You write freely. You write often. You write because it feels…well…right.

I began this blog to write about my daily life as a work-at-home mother and entrepreneur, intending for it to be a minor marketing tool for my copywriting business. It’s a great way for potential clients to get a feel for my writing abilities. And it’s a good way to keep my website front and center.

But then I learned about professional blogging.

While making money from blogging is a great idea, and while it’s certainly a nice goal, I’m finding that it distracts me immensely from writing.

I start thinking too hard about what to write. I spend hours constructing wonderful articles.

But it’s not fun anymore. As a result, I’ve been writing less often (though that’s also due to my new job).

So how will I keep the blogging romance alive?

I’m going to go back to writing for the fun of it.

Even better, when I write a post, I’m going to post it when I’m done! (Rather than re-reading it and perfecting it for days.)

I’m also going to write shorter pillar articles. For instance, I want to keep writing the comma series, but writing those lengthy articles takes quite a while. I’ll be breaking up future lessons into shorter chunks.

So what can you expect from Crayon Writer in the near future? More short articles, work-life anecdotes, and suggested sites.

What about you other bloggers? Do you still find blogging fun, or has it become a chore? How do you keep the blogging romance alive?

12 Responses to “Keeping the blogging romance alive”

  1. Marie D. says:

    I have been blogging for 6 or 7 months and still have a lot of fun doing it. But sometimes I find it hard to find good ideas. I have several blogs, on one of them (at iVillage iConnect), I write about my daily life and it’s easy to do. But on my It’s My Life blog, I try to blog about social and political issues mostly, and I don’t always have something to say on that field. But the excitement is still there when I go check the stats 🙂

  2. fruityoaty says:

    I’ve come to realize in my 10 months of blogging that not everyone blogs for the same reasons… many do it for money, some for philanthropic bloggers (they do it for money to support charities), etc.

    For me, I do it for fun… I realized that the moment I started trying to get popular (which I achieved somewhat in one specific country via award nominations & wins and link exchanges), it ceased to be fun.

    So now, the hell with all of that. I’m blogging for me.

  3. bismut says:

    You need to blog on things you like or have interest in. It’s like sex. You can rock the bed all night long.If solely for money, you brain will stop to churn out new ideas.

  4. OUCH says:

    Each & every blogger is different. That is also the main idea of blogging. One will do it for fun while the other for money.

  5. I’ve thought about monetizing my blog, but after more than a year of blogging, I’m still doing it for fun.

  6. Barbara says:

    I’d never thought of it as romance, but having heard it, I think it fits. I’ve actually started 3 separate blogs this year. I have in mind doing it for money at some point, but it’s been more about wanting to have my say. As a web designer, I have one blog related to web design, but mostly geared to helping my customers – small (one person) business owners. I’m actually finding that this one is the one that the writing comes easiest – perhaps b/c I know my subject.

    I have the opposite problem from you, I tend to write stuff and throw it out there w/o spending enough time proof reading.

  7. tallfreak says:

    Good for you! I need to take your advice and stop thinking too hard about my posts. 🙂

  8. kevin says:

    I have been blogging for three years, I enjoy writing on my personal blog all the time. But the two blogs I get paid to write can really make writing hard.

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  10. emily says:

    I think blogging is like anything else that you do in life–if you are not doing it for the right reasons, it is very hard to keep it up. What if you are writing for income, and no income is coming in for a while?? I think you just have to blog for yourself and not worry about what everybody else is doing and the other things will fall into place.

  11. Mat says:

    This is so true

    I was blogging at but it turned into a chore so I have wound back big time

    It’s all about keeping it fun

  12. nivi says:

    hi guys and girls.i am very glad to say i am a blogger now.i started my blogging 2 weeks back and its very interesting.i am giving preference to love in my blog because it is one of the beautiful thing that a person can face in his life.i am not concentrated on money at all.i want to share my feelings and experience of love to all.Even though i am not an aged or that much experienced in love,i know how to love and what makes other love you.
    right now blogging is fun for me and i want to do it seriously.

    nivi’s last blog post..IMPORTANT TIPS.