Polish your blog content until it shimmers

What makes good blog content?

When writing for blogs, you have to keep in mind that reading online is a very visual experience. So what the post looks like is a big deal.

I haven’t gotten into adding images yet (I will, though, as soon as I figure out where to get pictures). But try to make your post a sight for sore eyes.

Here are some ideas to make your blog content glimmer and sparkle:

The font should be comfortable to read. If you’re a youngin’ (under 30, in my book), ask someone older to take a look at your blog. You may have to increase the font size, change the text color, or adjust the background color.

People tend to scan when they read online. Notice that I make important words and phrases bold. This way, someone can scan just the bold text and get an idea of what the post is about. If they’re interested, they can always go back and read it more carefully.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like reading books online. Keep it short. Try not to use 10 words when 5 will do. Use lots of periods. That is, end your sentences quickly. I have to admit, though, that I’m a fan of commas. Use them correctly if you write long sentences.

Break up the text. In this post, I use block quotes, for instance. If you do write a longer post, be liberal with the return key. Forget what you learned in grade school about a paragraph being 5 sentences long. The return key is your friend.

Find ways to emphasize your text. Like I said earlier, I use bold for key words and phrases, and I use italics sometimes. Block quotes give the text a little flair, and I prefer it instead of bulleted or numbered lists. But don’t use underlining…that’s reserved for links.

Keep to one topic in your post. If you have other stuff to say, write a new post.

Be yourself! Don’t necessarily write the way you talk, but be conversational. Even when you’re writing about technical subjects, it’s okay to be a little relaxed.

Go further. Let your hair down and have some fun. I get a lot of compliments about writing openly and honestly. Imagine your reader is sitting next to you on your living room couch.

Readable blog content is important to make your blog successful. Check out Homebizblogger.com for more ideas.

What suggestions do you have for making blog content shine?

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  1. Great tips! I hope I am following all of them.

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  3. Theda K. says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you found the tips useful. Come by again.

  4. Natron says:

    I am always looking for new ways to make my content stick out. Thanks…

  5. Thank you for sharing and I really like the content.
    Traci S Campbell@Family Advocate´s last blog post ..Are You Thin-Skinned

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