Independent Contractor – The Best of Both Worlds

Working as a independent contractor may be the best of both worlds. 

I can continue to work at home some of the time, maintain my flexibility, and spend time with my daughter. In my search for a “day job,” I’ll be looking for companies that will work with me as an independent contractor on a monthly retainer.

This may be a viable option for you other freelancers as well. Figure out your desired hourly pay rate, and make a bid for a monthly contract.

The benefit to the potential client? They won’t have to worry about insurance, paid breaks, slow work periods (where you’d be twiddling your thumbs while they pay you), or taxes. Remember that you have to charge more per hour than if you were an employee, since you have to take care of all those things yourself.

Are you an independent contractor? What’s your experience?

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  1. Natron says:

    One caution is to add up all the additional expenses (taxes, health..) to the wage as you stated.

    Doing consulting can be a very rewarding experience.

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