PayPerPost Direct launches!

If you’re a blogger, which most of you are, you’ve heard about having advertisers directly sponsor your blog.

Sounds great, in theory, but there are potential problems. Even if you get the advertiser, you have to figure out how to handle the transaction. One of you will have to take a leap of faith…that you’ll do the post if they pay you, or that they’ll pay you if you do the post.

PayPerPost Direct helps you get paid to blog, makes it easier for advertisers and bloggers to connect, and takes only 10% as a fee. They don’t find advertisers for you, so they’re not a middleman in the traditional sense. Instead, they help us complete our transactions a little more securely.

How do you find advertisers?

One way is for them to find your site and notice the PPP Direct widget in your sidebar.

What I’m looking forward to, though, is the PPP Direct directory of bloggers that are part of the program. PayPerPost should be launching the directory soon.

I’m also considering marketing myself to advertisers on my own.

How does it work?

After you sign up with PPP Direct (click on my logo near the bottom of the right sidebar), you choose a minimum price and install your widget. Advertisers that like the quality of your blog can then make you an offer to review their product or site.

If you’ve used other review programs, including the original PPP, you know there can be substantial markups on your fee. Your widget says you charge $200, but you may only get $100 (while the review program gets the other $100).

With PPP Direct, if your widget says $200, you get $200 (while PPP Direct gets $20).

Pretty much a no-brainer.

I’ll be sure to report later to let you know how this program works out for me.

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