Lucky Links

I wanted to take some time to mention some interesting posts I’ve found recently.

Lillie Ammann found a site where you can catch up on your fun reading, just five minutes at a time. For busy people, like so many of are, five minutes is about all we can spare for light reading. Sounds like a cute idea.

Bob Bly talks about four or five characteristics that successful people seem to have. It gives me some food for thought. I’m not the success I know I can be, and I often wonder why. If I go by his list, hard work and ambition seem to be the traits that I need to work on. What about you?

The Golden Pencil is a great resource for freelance writers and editors. It even includes a job listing service (for free!) And the articles are great reads too.


4 Responses to “Lucky Links”

  1. Theda,
    Thanks for the link. I am enjoying my five minutes a day with the classics.

  2. Tammi says:

    I love Daily Lit…I recently saw a site that has six-word stories. I have to dig it up.

  3. Anne Wayman says:

    Glad to know my blog, The Golden Pencil is lucky!

    Thanks Theda

  4. There’s always time for a few good [short] reads — thank you for the link!

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