Resistance is futile – WAHM or get an employer?

As I’ve been learning about blogging, the blogosphere, social bookmarking, and the like, I’ve gotten a tad bit sidetracked. There’s so much information out there, and I’ve been trying to learn it all, and jump headfirst into the blogging pool.

I’ve also been learning about myself in the process. One thing is that I need to take a hard look at how my copywriting business is progressing.

As a friend of mine told me recently, I’m doing two of the hardest things at the same time. I’m a single mother (of a toddler!), and I’m starting a business. And then I went and threw blogging into the mix.

Working outside of the home is beginning to look like a necessary evil (for a while, at least). Some people say that ‘being hungry’ is a great motivating factor when starting a business. But I’m finding that not having a financial cushion is a pain in the rear, rather than a kick.

Any other WAHMs decide to work outside of the home? If so, did you try temping, retail gigs, or did you go corporate?

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  1. Marie D says:

    This is why I am not starting my business now althoug the corporate life feels really painful to me: I’m too scared I couldn’t pay the bills anymore. If I do launch my copywriting business, I will have to keep my job anyway, and right now I feel too tired to combine 2 jobs even if it was to do something that I love.

  2. Theda K. says:

    Marie, I don’t know if you have a second source of income (like a husband), but if you do, I believe it’s doable. I had the luxury of already not working when I chose to start the business. So I didn’t have to lose income. But I’m getting a little tired of having sporadic, low income. Something has to change. With the right support, though, you can do it! Maybe save a few months’-worth, cut some expenses, and see what happens.

  3. Marie D says:

    Well, no, I am single and live alone, I can count only on me to pay the bills. RIght now I have a car as a benefit from my employer, if I quit my job I’ll have to buy one, which means a lot of expenses (not only the car, but the insurance, maintenance, taxes…). But I am trying to figure it out 🙂

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