Toddler holding on tight? 5 tips for working at home.

If you’re a work-at-home parent, you know how tough it is to get any work done. Especially if you have babies or toddlers. Here are five tips to help you weather the storm.

1. Don’t expect to get any work done. That’s right. Expecting to get anything done can make you resent your child. Be patient and understanding, and consider it a lucky break if you get anything accomplished.

2. Get help. Hire a mother’s helper, get part-time daycare, swap babysitting with another parent, or bribe your family. Sometimes I have my daughter go to her grandparents’ house for just a couple of hours (naptime works well for everyone).

3. Have fun diversions tucked away, and bring them out only when needed. Toys or DVDs that your child hasn’t seen in a while will occupy her for precious minutes.

4. Don’t sleep when your baby sleeps, contrary to popular wisdom (unless your body leaves you no choice). Use those quiet moments to take one thing off of your “to do” list.

5. ‘Work’ with your child. Give her a spare keyboard and mouse when you’re on the computer, or some crayons and paper when you’re writing. Set her up at her own ‘desk’ while you’re at yours, and the two of you can go to ‘work.’

Have any suggestions you’d like to add? Please let me know. I’m always looking for ways to make working and mothering…well…work!

And if you have a Top Five list you’d like to share with the world, check out the contest on ProBlogger. Have fun. And go get some work done!

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  1. It sounds like ways to get balance between work and life. A interesting aspect for me. Of course, as to the work, I should consider more than that.

  2. Jesse says:

    I work from home and I find that the easiest times to get work done is when the little guys is sleeping. So during day time naps and in the evenings. I use this time to do all my computer work. When he is awake I concentrate on more manual tasks like household chores or running errands. Although it does take more time to do most of the tasks I find that he really enjoys helping out! So we use chore time as bonding time!

  3. amilyjoe says:

    Work from home become tedious when you have a baby and you have to manage work with kids. But these tips helps a lot to take advantages of doing work from home without any stress. Thanks for giving such a useful tips.

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